It is not jokes about paedophilia we should be worried about

Islamic child bride

Last evening we had a reader concerned about a joke inside the politically incorrect and offensive joke timeslot we have every Monday called Comedy corner: Non-PC jokes. Because the jokes are offensive and not politically correct we limit them to that slot once a week so that only those interested in black humour will choose to view them.

Black humour allows us to laugh at things that we find upsetting and that are morally wrong. The fact that some of us may laugh at them is not what we should be worried about. What we should be worried about is people who do not think that these terrible things are morally wrong.

The Muslim child rape gangs in the UK are not a problem in isolation. The Muslim rape gangs are?a reflection of a culture that does not think it is morally wrong to have sex with children. The Muslim gang members thought that it was morally acceptable to rape ‘white sluts’ because the vulnerable?young girls, in their eyes, were dirty immodest non-Muslims.

The British law courts’ understanding and tolerance of this serious moral?cultural?clash are reflected in the many lenient sentences they dish out. For many offences, they take into consideration?the Muslim criminal’s culture as a mitigating factor in their crime.

How many times have we read about a Muslim wife beater who was unaware that he was not allowed to beat his wife inside a Western country? Do you remember?the Muslim migrant who raped a little boy at a public swimming pool because he had a ‘sexual emergency’? He didn’t even try to hide what he had done because in the country he came from boy-buggering was morally acceptable.

While the majority of the British Muslim community may not share the view that sex with children is morally acceptable, a recent Muslim march in Denmark demanded a?law that would allow child marriage. The march was a protest in reaction to Denmark banning child marriage in a landmark case, in an attempt to protect migrant child brides.

Their protest shows that many Muslims do think that having sex with young girls is morally acceptable as long as it is within marriage and many want us in the west to change our laws to accommodate their culture despite it clashing with our own on a very deep moral level.

It is not at all surprising that there is a widespread?tolerance, if not acceptance, of paedophilia within the culture and ideology of Islam as Muhammad’s favourite wife, according to most Imams and most Islamic literature, was a six-year-old girl named Aisha.

Since Muhammad is held up as an example of the perfect man who should be emulated it can hardly be considered morally wrong to have sex with a young girl if your religion tells you that the perfect man did it and that she was his favourite wife.

It is not jokes about paedophilia we should be worried about. What we should be worried about is a culture that thinks paedophilia is morally acceptable and that girls who do not dress modestly are inviting rape and sexual exploitation.