Journalism in New Zealand is dead

Sean Hannity, the most watched and listened to talk back host in America, said back in 2008 that journalism in America is dead. The same can now be said here in New Zealand.

Our mainstream media consists of the trailblazing NZHerald, Stuff, Newshub, TV1 and RNZ. When you click on any one of the many stories written on American affairs, almost every single article is a copy and paste from either the fake news CNN or Washington Post. These are known liberal publications, and that would not be a problem if they balanced it out with a perspective from a conservative view. But you will never see a Breitbart or Fox News article. Why is that I wonder???

Have you ever watched a One News or Newshub story about President Trump sourced from Fox News? Never. It is either CNN or NBC, or from a very scathing Rebecca Wright who manages to make anything the President does seem scandalous.

A respectable news organisation that claims to have no political ideology would publish articles from both sides of the spectrum, to let viewers make up their own mind. But we are only fed liberal mainstream media propaganda, and it is time this changes.

CNN?s primetime show hosted by the creepy Anderson Cooper only manages to average around 800,000 viewers a night, compared with Hannity who averages a whopping three million. Fox News gets triple the number of viewers of CNN, and the Fox News website has more readers than the Washington Post. But, you would be forgiven for thinking that CNN and the Post are more popular, given the number of times our media source their news coverage from them.

Journalists in this country don’t even bother trying to hide their true feelings and bias. An example of this was the reaction to Barack Obama?s visit. There would have been over one hundred articles and live updates on his every movement. Can you imagine the same sort of brown-nose coverage if a conservative leader came to our shores? They have now given up even trying to hide their personal glee and admiration for the likes of Obama and Trudeau, while slamming President Trump any chance they get.

Many people wonder how it is possible that our journalists are so out of touch. It is because the likes of NZME and Fairfax are employing journalists who have never done a hard day’s work in the workforce; they have just come straight out of school and into a five-year journalism course. Students are repeatedly told by their tutors that all conservatives are dumb, ignorant racists, and how you must take the moral high ground of reporting with a liberal bias, pretending that you are so much better and smarter than the public.

They say that the four stages of grief and loss are denial and isolation, anger, depression and acceptance. We have seen our MSM go through these stages during the last 15 months since the 2016 US election, except for the most important stage ? acceptance. They are still at a loss to accept that people saw through their bluntly one-sided reporting, and instead of maybe accepting that the public is fed up with their repeated lies, they have gone on a year-and-a-half temper tantrum.