The lesson we should learn from Iran

Jahangir Razmi’s Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph of the execution of Kurdish men and others by the Iranian Islamic regime in 1979.

[…] My father’s generation in Iran lived in an environment in which the Islamist party of the country’s clergy cunningly depicted themselves as intending no harm, supportive of the people, and not interested in power. So, before the revolution, many Iranians did not think that Khomeini’s party would be committing the atrocities that they are committing now or that they would have such an unrelenting hunger for power. Instead, during this time, the country thought it was on a smooth path towards democracy, with no expectation of ever returning to a barbaric era. Even the then-US President Jimmy Carter viewed Khomeini as a good religious holy man.

Iranians did not just submit to these new laws; they rose up in protest. This uprising was met with torture, rape, and death. With the regime eager to wipe any who dared to resist, the people had no choice but to surrender. Everyone’s daily activities were now under the scrutiny of the Islamists.[…]


This is the country Green list MP Golriz Ghahraman’s family left and it concerns me greatly that she refuses to speak up for and condemn the imprisonment of Iranian women for removing their hijabs despite claiming to be a feminist. Now that she is in a country that respects women’s rights?she is using her freedom to actively protest against our security services?that are needed to keep our country safe and to monitor our citizens in order to prevent terror attacks.

Many will still think it is impossible for something like this to happen in their country. What they fail to understand is that Iran is an example of exactly how successful this meticulous grab for power can be. Islamists in other countries including the West are pursuing the same techniques on the path to seizing power. It is a quiet, and subtle process, until the moment you wake up with no rights, a culture of fear, and no promise that you will live in freedom or even to see the next day.[…]

Islam is 90% a political system and only 20% a religion which is why what happened in Iran happened. People have to see Islam for what it really is which is a wolf (a political system) in a?sheep’s clothing ( a religion). Halal certification and the push for Sharia law to run alongside our own system of government and the push for segregation and special and unequal treatment inside our countries are all part of this quiet and subtle process. Islam aligned?politicians and activists are just one part of the strategy to conquer from within.

Thousands upon thousands of people were?executed?simply for voicing their opinion. Many also?died?for crimes they likely did not commit. The Islamic law (sharia) of the ruling Shiite party was imposed on everyone. Women were forced to wear a hijab and were stripped of their rights. They?could?no longer leave the country without the permission of their husbands. A women?could?not work in any occupation if her husband did not agree to it. Women’s testimony in court, under sharia, is?worth?half a man’s testimony. Women are?banned?from pursuing certain educational fields or occupations, such as being judges. Women are?prohibited?from entering sports stadiums or watching men’s sports. Women are entitled to receive half as much inheritance as their brothers or other male relatives.

Many were shocked that this political party, which spoke about the religion of peace, would do such things.[…]


How long will it be before an Islamic political party is created inside New Zealand? Under our MMP system, we are vulnerable to such a party gaining 5-10% of the vote as the Muslim population continues to increase. In the UK the Labour party is already kowtowing to the Muslim vote and its capital city already is under the control of a Muslim mayor. In America, the Muslim Brotherhood has managed to get its people into positions of influence?inside the White house itself thanks to ex-president Obama.

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