Not all ‘choices’ that women make are feminist choices

Lines have become so blurred in our modern society that if a woman makes a choice and says that she is happy with her choice, media and 3rd wave feminists will call it a feminist choice simply because a woman made it. This is a serious flaw in what we call feminism today because women like men often make very bad choices for themselves.

An article yesterday about a 26-year-old who sold her virginity to the highest bidder on an auction website called Cinderella Escorts was what made me reflect on the trend to call a woman’s choice ( whatever it might be) a feminist choice.

[…] He said there was a huge demand for virgins. “Most rich men like exclusive things,” he said. “For example a very old wine or a luxury car which is just produced 100 times. A woman can give her virginity just one time in her whole life, and she held it for 26 years in Jasmin’s case. So Jasmin’s virginity is not just rare, it’s unique.

They like ‘expensive things‘ he said and this woman made a choice to turn her self into a commodity, a thing, an object.


When you are purchasing livestock you need to know its pedigree. Will it bite or kick? Is it well-groomed and is the saddle included?



No one is disputing that it was her choice to sell her body; my point is that her choice is not a feminist choice. A true feminist has self-respect and values herself too highly to turn herself into a commodity.

Prostitution can be very lucrative yet very few women choose that profession because it is degrading and comes at a cost that not many are willing to pay.