Obama: an extraordinary apprising

I hope someone in the audience records how many anti-Trump quips Obama will drop during his forthcoming engagement.  I also hope someone will record how many times he’ll use the terms “diversity” and “racism” as if the two concepts are not inextricably bound now.  Yes, Obama had an extraordinary impact on the world for sure - extraordinarily divisive - especially in terms of the extraordinarily weak position he left his country in after his party stunningly lost the election.  The only thing NZ should be learning from this extraordinarily anti-American ex-president is how not to govern a country . . .

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Olivia Pierson

I value the principles which became the hallmarks of Western democracy, made possible by the Age of Reason; religious tolerance (a wall between religion and state), a commitment to scientific inquiry, the emancipation of women and children, a free and un-coerced media, and individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These core ideas are the beating heart of our civilisation and what make it a place worth thriving in - and dying for, as so many of our recent forefathers took it upon themselves to do. Buy Olivia's book Western Values Defended

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