Serious damage control underway in Labour

Labour have moved to limit the damage to the party and the government by deploying the playbook used in the McCarten slave-Labour matter.

That is, they are saying the party wasn’t responsible for this, it was those silly young children in Young Labour. This was signalled yesterday morning by The World’s Greatest Sysop on The Standard.

That was at 10:37am and, what do you know, in the afternoon that is precisely what they attempted to do.

So what Jacinda Ardern is finally admitting is that youth aren’t able to make adult decisions, despite the party wanting to lower the voting age to 16. But her answer about the running of the event, that it was Young Labour, doesn’t ring true.

That is because Andrew Kirton, who lives in Wellington, was posing in photos at the camp and with Jacinda Ardern at the camp. There he is, bottom left, at the camp.

Andrew Kirton, bottom left

It doesn’t ring true that Young Labour were running this camp when Andrew Kirton was there and authorised the Young Labour photo, when Tamati Coffey was there, when Liz Craig was there. On top of that, the organiser is in her twenties and also, my sources say, there were two staffers from parliament there as well. Is Jacinda Ardern really saying Young Labour ran the event when the General Secretary is clearly in attendance? Is she really going to run that line? The facts don’t match up with her claims.

Jacinda Ardern is spinning like a top. Her tales don’t ring true; her body language gives it all away.

Labour have lied about this from the get go, they’ve attempted a cover-up and they’ve taken over a month to deal with this.

Jacinda Ardern has professed she didn’t know a thing. Labour went on for years attacking John Key for nothing. They attacked Chris Bishop. They attacked John Key for the ponytail incident. Now they are facing a much, much worse situation with serious crimes alleged.

Labour are displaying all the same traits of the Catholic Church. Lie, obfuscate, deny and victim blame. They victim-blamed with Darren Hughes, Mike Williams intimated there were historic offences, and the intern slave-Labour scam all show that Labour have an appalling history and probably a systemic issue with regards to sexual offending.