Soper on Steve Joyce’s hissy fit

Barry Soper writes about Steve Joyce’s hissy fit:

It comes as no surprise that Steven Joyce threw a hissy fit, throwing his toys out of the National Party cot and refusing to play with them anymore.

His new boss Simon Bridges had told him he wasn’t getting his beloved finance role and that was the one and only toy that he saw as his security blanket.

Bridges told him the role was going to Amy Adams and if his enthusiasm was anything like he exhibited about his choice you can’t blame Joyce for throwing a tantrum.??

Quite simply Amy is the best, Bridges extolled to journos.

Straight up, he said, Amy would have been his “choice as Finance spokesman for the National Party whether or not she was a contestant in the leadership contest.”

That remains to be seen. Let’s see if she can manage an alternative budget.

Yeah but you can’t help thinking there was a bit of I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine going on if you listen to Adams who told us during the contest there’d be no deals.

There were deals.

She now says they spoke a lot during the fortnight of campaigning and they both made it clear that whoever of them won, the other person would have a significant role, and there’s nothing more significant that the finance job.

So the writing was on the wall for Joyce who never stood a bolters show of taking out the top job himself.

Steve Joyce forgot that reflections don’t count when it comes to voting for leader.


-NZ Herald