Two wombles think we need to ban importation of vehicles with internal combustion engines

Jonathan Boston

These two wombles obviously live in the city. They must do because they are divorced from reality with their proposal to ban the importation of vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICEs):

Bold and decisive actions are necessary if New Zealand is to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions substantially.

The new Labour-led Government has committed to introducing a zero carbon bill later this year. But how should the aims of such legislation be achieved?

One option is to rely primarily on an expanded and improved emissions trading scheme. This approach will, many argue, ensure a higher price on carbon and this will, in turn, reduce emissions.

Yet recent evidence, both here and overseas, suggests that governments are unwilling to impose a sufficiently high price on carbon to secure a large fall in emissions. If this reluctance persists, other policy instruments ? or so-called complementary measures ? will remain essential.

Of such measures, perhaps the most effective would be a ban on the sale of all new or imported used vehicles with internal combustion engines. Such a ban could take effect, say, from 2030. Many developed and developing countries have already introduced or are seriously contemplating such bans (see the accompanying table). New Zealand should follow suit.

That isn’t a measure, or even bold and decisive; that is stupidity.

I’d love the government to announce that. Their popularity will plummet faster than the value of a Lada.

They clearly have no idea how goods and services get about in a city, or how provincial towns get their goods and services. The banning of all imported vehicles with ICEs would strangle the provinces as it would stop trucks from being imported. Trucking firms would go out of business as there isn’t yet a viable electric long-distance EV truck.

Right now the only people who can afford EVs are rich pricks who pretty much live in cities. On top of that, taxi drivers would lose their jobs, and courier drivers likewise. The whole premise is a joke.

To make this an even sicker idea, what on earth do they propose to replace tractors, quad bike and motorbikes with on farms? Combine harvesters? Trucks? Diesel generators? Diesel-using vehicles, including trucks, rollers, diggers, drilling rigs, milk tankers, water tankers, graders?

These people are pure evil and totally retarded. They are dangerous because idiot urban politicians buy into this rubbish.