Twyford announces KiwiSlum for Mt Albert

Phil Twyford has announced the first tranche of KiwiSlum:

Housing Minister Phil Twyford has announced the first of the Government’s KiwiBuild homes.

It’s purchased 29 hectares of land at Unitec’s Mt Albert campus in Auckland, about 9km from the CBD.

Around 3000 to 4000 homes are expected to be built there.??

Too many Aucklanders are suffering because of the housing crisis,” he said on Sunday morning.

“This Government will not sit around while children are living in cars and families are cramped into overcrowded housing. We need bold action to solve this.

“There will be a mix of affordable KiwiBuild homes for first-homebuyers, public housing and open market houses.

“This is a beautiful and historic piece of land with natural features such as the Oakley Stream running through it. It’s close to education, employment and public transport. This new community will have open spaces, new parks and shops.

“We want to create a place for people to put down roots and to live, work, learn and play, for generations to come.”

These houses are a long way off being built but, in any case, I don’t think Phil Twyford has thought this through.

If they were to build 3,000 houses and ignore the need for parks, amenities, footpaths, cycleways and roads, that would mean 100 houses per hectare. One?hectare is 10,000sqm. Divide that by 100 and each house will be on a 100sqm section, each section measuring 10m by 10m. Are they going to build tiny houses, dolls houses or perhaps dog kennels? Or maybe a slum?

Presumably these are going to be at best townhouses, most likely three-storey walk-up apartment blocks. But with that many people crammed in, there certainly won’t be any parking. Because of the proximity to Unitec I’d expect all the privately owned dwellings to become rentals for hordes of hard-partying students.

Twyford says it will be a mix of social housing, private dwellings and KiwiSlum. That sounds like a recipe for crime to me. They are probably going to need a new police station as well.

So far no media have looked into the announcement too deeply; they are just treating this re-announcement of the designation of land done under the previous government as a new announcement from the Minister of Announcements Phil Twyford.

Still, not a single house has been built yet, and even if they do cram these all in they are still behind the eight ball on their promises. This announcement doesn’t even get them in front of the deficit they currently have.