Who’s afraid of the big, bad Jew?

Of all the left?s hysterical, made-up claims about Donald Trump, perhaps the most egregiously stupid is that he is an anti-Semite.

Trump?s children are all, bar one, married to Jews. His youngest daughter is dating a Jew. His eldest daughter is a Jewish convert. His grandchildren are Jewish. Trump was the first American president in thirty years to have a rabbi officiate at his inauguration. After decades of inaction by a succession of presidents, Trump took the bold step of moving America?s Israel embassy to Jerusalem. Trump?s White House is crammed with Jewish advisors: Jason Greenblatt, David Friedman, Boris Epshteyn, Stephen Miller, Steven Mnuchin, Lewis Eisenberg and Michael Glassner, to name some of the most prominent.

Trump couldn?t be more Jew-friendly if he wore a yarmulke and prayed at the Wailing Wall.

Oh, wait: he did.

Worst. Anti-Semite. Ever.

Yet, such is Trump Derangement Syndrome that the left screech ?anti-Semite!? at every opportunity. When Jewish graves were desecrated in 2017 and death threats made against Jewish organisations, the crimes were, of course, blamed on Trump. Except that the culprit turned out to be a racist black left-wing journalist who claimed to be a convert to Islam.

But, with their latest ridiculous charges of anti-Semitism, it seems that the leftist media might have given away more than they intended.

HuffPo Sides with Alt-Right Conspiracy Theories Aimed at Jews

The PuffHo, along with Salon claimed that the term ?globalist? was used by the Trump administration and that the term is an ?anti-Semitic dog-whistle?. Yet, here?s the thing about dog-whistles: only dogs can hear them.

Why HuffPo wants its readers to equate multi-national corporate interests with people of the Jewish faith is beyond ignorant, unless they believe such conspiracy theories themselves?

Salon, HuffPo, and other leftwing media outlets seem completely oblivious to the fact that breathlessly equating anti-globalization with anti-Semitism is, in itself, extremely anti-Semitic. It suggests these writers quietly buy into hateful Jewish stereotypes. In a sense, they?re being far more anti-Semitic than the people they?re accusing of anti-Semitism.

?Globalism? is a term used to describe policies designed to benefit wealthy elites determined to establish a network of global power and influence. Anyone who hears a term condemning a nefarious network of the rich and powerful trying to establish global domination, and immediately thinks Jews! might want to think twice before accusing others of anti-Semitism.

Connecting globalism to Jews?ignor[es] the reality that the only Jewish state in the world, Israel, has a fondness for walls and is highly nationalistic, nationalism being the exact opposite of globalism.

Meanwhile, the doyen of leftists, Bernie Sanders, is avowedly anti-globalist, as are the hundreds of leftist organisations who repeatedly assemble to dress in black masks and smash things up at anti-globalisation protests.

Leftists also have a notable antipathy to the Jewish state. The odious Boycott, Divest, Sanctions (BDS) movement, which is categorised by both the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Anti-Defamation League as anti-Semitic, is a cause celebre of the contemporary left. Not only do BDS supporters openly attack Jews and deny the Holocaust. BDS is accused of being tied to Hamas. The left is also infatuated with the violently anti-Jewish Islamic religion.

Jews have certainly been knocked down the left?s Totem Pole of Oppressed Peoples, with Muslims stealing the top slot. Leftwing media also has a deep love affair with the dwindling number of alt-righters. In fact, more fawning articles have been written about white nationalist leader Richard Spencer than he has actual devotees.

On the other hand:

Donald Trump?s record on being a friend to the Jewish people speaks for itself.

Even as far back as the early 90s, the Village Voice published a major article noting that the left were rapidly adopting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. As always, when the left are screaming accusations at everyone else, they?re simply projecting their own sins.