75 working groups in 6 months, more than houses built or trees planted

National have called out?the Government which now have more?reviews?and?working groups?than they have MPs.?Quote:

National Party Leader Simon Bridges says after just six months the Government?s tally of inquiries, reference and working groups has soared to 75 as it desperately tries to compensate for its inability to think for itself or put in the work.

?After nine years in Opposition claiming they knew better, Labour, NZ First and the Greens put in so little work and came up with so few ideas they?re now outsourcing the job of running the country to consultants ? wasting tens of millions of dollars in taxpayers funds in the process.

?There is now, after just six months, 75 different groups of people telling the Government what it should be doing. That?s more working groups than MPs in the entire government. End quote.

More working groups or reviews than houses built under Kiwibuild. More working groups or reviews than trees planted in the past six months: Quote:

?It?s nothing short of an abdication of its responsibility to lead and it shows how completely out of its depth the Government really is – and how willing it is to waste taxpayers money which should be invested in areas like health and education.

?What we are now certain of is when Jacinda Ardern claimed in Opposition she could slash immigration without harming New Zealand businesses, balance the books without raising taxes and build more houses she wasn?t telling the truth. They had no clue then and they have no idea now.

?What is even more concerning for New Zealanders is when this Government has implemented its own, ill-thought through ideas they?ve been bad for New Zealand.

?Raiding our regions through fuel taxes, fewer roads and pulling the plug on important irrigation projects, putting a wrecking ball through entire industries like oil and gas and slowing our economy through low-growth policies like empowering unions and slashing foreign investment.

?These do nothing but take New Zealand backwards and undermine an economy which is delivering for all New Zealanders.

?Every day this Government is proving to New Zealanders it doesn?t have the ability to run the country, the ideas to take it forward or the best interests of New Zealanders at heart.

?National won?t make the same mistake. We?re working hard in the interests of New Zealanders and we?ll be ready with plans and policies if we earn the right to govern again in 2020.??End quote.

Strong stuff from Bridges. I wonder if he can deliver though. He seems unable to pick up a telephone.

David Farrar has a handy list of the 75 working groups. At a rate of about one announcement every two and a half days, that list is likely out of date already.


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