Actually Paddy, we don’t

Patrick Gower opines:

QuoteOPINION: We need a gay All Black.
Well, actually we need an openly gay All Black.

Because you can?t tell me that of the 1170 men who have worn the black jersey since 1884, that not one of them was gay.End of quote.

I can. Maybe none of those 1170 men were gay because maybe gay men don’t like playing rugby? Quote:

QuoteOf course there have been gay or bisexual All Blacks. But sadly they have not been able to come out – that has not just been rugby?s fault, it has been society?s fault too.End of quote.

Yep, blame society. Quote:

QuoteNZ Rugby’s ‘Diversity is Strength’ campaign perfect answer to Folau fallout
Thanks to TJ Perenara?s honourable stance against Israel Folau, and the All Blacks’ ?diversity is strength? advertisement, publicity-wise rugby in this country is looking the most inclusive it ever has right now.End of quote.

Yeah well NZ Rugby is lying. The All Blacks have never been about diversity. It’s been about getting the best players. NZ Rugby couldn’t care less if it had a team of all Maori and Pacific Islanders with one or two honkies thrown in so long as it had a winning team. And that’s how it should be.

In fact, as soon as NZ Rugby puts diversity ahead of everything else then that’s the end of NZ Rugby. Quote:

QuoteBut it has left me asking the question: why have we never had an openly gay All Black?End of quote.

There has never been an openly Jewish All Black either that I can remember. Or Hindu. Quote:

QuoteI got to listen to the All Blacks manager with responsibility for leadership, Gilbert Enoka, speak about the team earlier this year.

[…]Gilbert Enoka said that he could not wait for the day that a player with Chinese heritage wore the All Blacks jersey.End of quote.

If Enoka thinks like that then it shows that NZ Rugby has been infested with at least one SJW. Quite frankly, he’s not fit for the job if the thought of a chinky All Black makes his heart flutter. Quote:

Quote[…]There has never been an openly gay Super rugby player. Why not?
There has never been an openly gay national provincial player from any of the 26 unions. Why not?

I am not aware of an openly gay player in Senior Club rugby. Why not?End of quote.

I don’t know but I don’t automatically put it down to homophobia. Maybe gays don’t like playing rugby? Quote:

Quote[…]Rugby has come a long way but it needs to go further. It needs to ask itself serious questions about why there are hardly any openly gay male players in the game. As they say, it is 2018.End of quote.

What NZ Rugby needs to do is to get rid of and not listen to twits who insist that it “diversify”. Quote:

Quote[…]So to be true to that diversity statement, someone with a rainbow heart needs to wear the silver fern.End of quote.

Needs to? I don’t care if we have openly gay All Blacks or not so long as they win games.

As someone in the comments section of this blog once said this is one of the big differences between the Left and the Right. To the Left what you are is all that matters. To the Right, it doesn’t matter what you are so long as you can do the job.