Another example of ‘cultural enrichment’ in France

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Another example of ?cultural enrichment? in France.

French police are circulating this?video?to try and find the person who mercilessly beats a woman of Arabic or North African descent with a belt while a male companion is filming the abuse.

According to the commentary on the?video?it is not quite clear what the problem is, but the ?man? (Islem) demands to know what the woman did some days ago and he yells at her that she did not have his permission. He then orders her to stay where she is standing and that he has to punish her, whereupon the beating begins.

She then runs up to the scumbag (Samir) ?doing the filming for help, but he does not help her at all and only tells the coward to stop the beating. French police are now asking the public to help find the perpetrators.

A Google translation of the French?text that goes with the video is below.

[YOUR REPORTS] Many of you are reporting this video of physical violence. Our #PJ #Pharos investigators are mobilized to identify the perpetrators. Thank you for your mobilization. Thank you all for not relaying this video.

The Association of Youth Refuge Youth broadcast this Wednesday on Twitter video of a woman beaten with a belt not to be “left in its place”, calling to identify the executioner and his accomplice who was filming. The police say they seized the case.
The images are difficult to sustain. A woman screams in pain and asks “pardon” for the man who is beating and insulting her while an accomplice films the scene.

Its wrong, have “sounded” at his executioner “without authorization” two days ago and not be “remained in its place”. The girl will be able to “recognize her wrongs”, to promise that she will never “do it again” she will not escape violence.

This video was unveiled on Wednesday 11th on the Twitter account of L’Amicale des Jeunes du Refuge, “LGBT activist association for mutual aid, solidarity and the fight against homophobia”. (Because of its violent nature and at the request of the National Police, the editorial staff of France-Soir has decided not to broadcast it here).

But as this tweet indicates, the drama in question “does not concern the fight against homophobia, it concerns ALL the world”. “Violence against women is that, a man who violently beats a woman with her belt to remind her where her place is”, adds the text, brought to the attention of the Secretary of State for Equality between women and men Marlene Schiappa.

The association also seeks to identify the perpetrators of this attack by giving the first names, released by the victim in his distress despite the prohibition of his executioner. The man, by his own admission, bravely preferred to remain anonymous “in case the police see this video”. But now it’s done. The National Police has indeed made it known via Twitter that the many reports including its platform Pharos had made their effect.

“Our investigators from the PJ are mobilized to identify the perpetrators, thank you for your mobilization, and thank you all for not relaying this video,” she said.

The author of the risks risks from three to ten years of prison according to the seriousness of the wounds of his victim and the number of aggravating circumstances retained (use of a weapon, premeditation, presence of an accomplice …). The author of the video is in danger of five years in prison.