Carol Hirschfeld joining Whaleoil Media

Former Maori Television and Radio NZ executive Carol Hirschfeld has been appointed to a key new role at Whaleoil Media.

Ms Hirschfeld, the former general manager production for Maori TV and head of content for Radio NZ, is to become head of digital content, responsible for news, drama, music and spoken features. She will be involved with facilitating and securing funding for a new digital broadcasting venture funded by the $38 million Curran Fund.??

In making the announcements, chief executive and editor Cam Slater emphasised the importance of the new role for Whaleoil Media as it implements a strategy to deliver high-quality multi-media journalism and programming across multiple digital platforms, all paid for by the taxpayer.

“I am delighted to announce the appointment.”

“Carol is a respected media executive with a proven track record of success in managing stories, developing programmes and leading staff. She has a clear vision of what she wants to achieve over the next two years.

“The appointment came about as a result of a chance meeting when I bumped into Carol after I’d been at the gym. She suggested working together, particularly with her close relationship with the minister making funding options that much clearer.”

Ms Hirschfeld noted the new position marks a significant change but also some positive challenges.

“I believe strongly in the importance of publicly funded broadcasting and I am excited by the opportunity to contribute to a national media organisation that touches many conservative lives across New Zealand,” she said.

Clare Curran was unavailable for comment but a spokesperson said that, “Of course funding from the $38 million slush fund would be available for conservative media outlets and not just progressive voices.”

Further staffing announcements will be released shortly, with rumours that acclaimed Maori broadcaster April H?kawa?is contemplating moving to Whaleoil Media as well.

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