Face of the day

Energy Minister Megan Woods is having a bad week because the oil and gas Industry was kept in the dark over the government?s oil and gas?decision?despite the government claiming that they had consulted with them.

  • Woods was forced to expose the government’s and her own dishonesty when responding to a written parliamentary question from ACT leader David Seymour.
  • Woods admitted that no formal consultation was undertaken with PEPANZ, which is the industry association for?the?oil and gas sector.
  • This admission conflicted with her previous statements.
  • On 22 April when asked by Corin Dann, “Did you consult with them? Did you talk to them? I mean, the argument is that you didn?t.” Woods replied, “Oh, well, that?s simply not the case.”
  • Woods also confirmed, in response to a written parliamentary question from Mr Seymour, that no “specific estimate” of the impact of the government?s decision on global greenhouse gas emissions had been made.


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