Government puts thousands of jobs at risk

Act leader David Seymour has pointed out that the government?s decision to end offshore oil and gas exploration will put eleven thousand jobs at risk and could harm the environment. The reason why banning oil and gas exploration in New Zealand could hurt the environment is because Natural gas has about half the emissions of coal, and New Zealand-produced oil has lower emissions than oil produced overseas. By banning our own oil and gas exploration it will drive production of oil and gas overseas. Quote:

Ending offshore exploration will force New Zealand households and firms to buy higher-cost and dirtier energy from foreign sources. The oil and gas industry creates thousands of jobs, contributes $2.5 billion to the New Zealand economy and $500 million to the Government in royalties each year. Ending offshore exploration will force New Zealand households and firms to buy higher-cost and dirtier energy from foreign sources. End of quote.

This policy will make us poorer as a country. It is yet another example of Jacinda Ardern making decisions without first considering the consequences. It is a policy that superficially looks like a Green policy to save the environment but in actuality, it is going to hurt the environment and cost thousands of New Zealanders work. It is the worst kind of political virtue signalling.Quote:

This is a dangerous and arrogant government that will destroy wealth and opportunity without warning – no sector is safe. This is a lose-lose policy and the government should consider very carefully how it will impact New Zealanders […] End of quote.

Seymour also says that the government has shown “breathtaking arrogance” by keeping the industry in the dark by not consulting with them over the changes. He pointed out that the government have set up around forty reviews, working groups, or panels before releasing policy?in other areas yet they appear to have been completely unwilling to consult with the oil and gas industry before banning offshore oil and natural gas exploration. Poor treatment of industry?is becoming a signature of this government.

  • Food executives, for example,?were shocked when ministers David Clark and Damien O?Connor threatened them with a sugar tax if they didn?t voluntarily reduce the level of sugar in their food.
  • Iwi was not consulted when David Parker was looking at charging a royalty on bottled water exports.
  • During the election campaign, David Parker?told farmers “I?m not here to negotiate. Don?t push me or it will be two cents instead of one cent.”
  • Chris Hipkins has refused to speak to charter school operators or students and is determined to close them despite their outstanding success. Quote:

The brazen arrogance with which this Government is operating lays bare the contempt they hold for those who disagree with them. End of quote.