Hamas?s partners in the war against Israel are the MSM

On Friday the Palestinian terror group Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, started what it called ‘The March of Return’. It started on 30 March, the eve of Passover, and is to continue until 15 May, which is the 70th anniversary of Israel?s establishment. Hamas according to Israeli media reports have set aside $10 million (of what was no doubt aid money from overseas that was meant to feed and house the Palestinian people) for the operation.

Hamas’s plan is to send thousands of civilians to the Israeli border, to set up tent camps along the border fence and then it is assumed to order participants to overrun it on 15 May. The clue is in the name they have chosen for the day which is ‘Nakba,’ or Catastrophe day.

It will be a catastrophe because they will not succeed so we have to ask ourselves why they are doing it. Already 17 Palestinians are reported dead after only three days of violent protest.


If Hamas doesn?t expect its civilians to overrun Israel, what is it trying to accomplish by sending them into harm?s way? Why it the terror group telling Gaza residents to place themselves in front of the border fence and challenge Israeli security forces charged with defending Israel?

The answer here is also obvious. Hamas intends to provoke Israel to shoot at the Palestinian civilians it is sending to the border. It is setting its people up to die because it expects their deaths to be captured live by the cameras of the Western media, which will be on hand to watch the spectacle.

In other words, Hamas?s strategy of harming Israel by forcing its soldiers to kill Palestinians is predicated on its certainty that the Western media will act as its partner and ensure the success of its lethal propaganda stunt.

[…] Hamas is using the border operation to cultivate and escalate Western hostility against Israel ahead of a larger shooting war.

Several Israeli commentators have noted that Hamas?s plan to send civilians to the border and, presumably, order them to breach it at a certain point, is not original. Hezbollah, acting in concert with Ahmed Jibril?s Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine?General Command (PFLP-GC) and the Syrian regime, did something similar in 2011.

As the UK?Guardian?s Jonathan Steele?reported?in March 2015, that operation played a major role in transforming the civil war in Syria from a few scattered battles between the regime and opposition groups into a full-fledged civil war.[…]

[…] Israel will, no doubt, find means to undermine Hamas?s operations. It has already announced it intends to use drones and snipers. The IDF can be expected to block communications. And in an interview with al-Hurra Arabic television, IDF Maj. General Yoav Mordechai?warned?that Israel will penalize any bus company that transports Gazans to the border.

The real issue revealed by Hamas?s planned operation[…]? is not how Israel will deal with it. The real issue is that Hamas?s entire strategy is predicated on its faith that the Western media and indeed the Western left will side with it against Israel.

Hamas is certain that both the media and leftist activists and politicians in Europe and the U.S. will blame Israel for Palestinian civilian casualties. And as past experience proves, Hamas is right to believe the media and leftist activists will play their assigned role.

So long as the media and the left rush to indict Israel for its efforts to defend itself and its citizens against its terrorist foes, who turn the laws of war on their head as a matter of course, these attacks will continue and they will escalate.

If this border assault does in fact serve as the opening act in a larger terror war against Israel, then a large portion of the blame for the bloodshed will rest on the shoulders of the Western media for empowering the terrorists of Hamas and Hezbollah to attack Israel.

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