It is so good the teacher registration protects these kids… oh wait!

It is so good the teacher registration protects these kids, just like Chris Hipkins says it does.

The NZ Herald reports:

Details of the police case against an Auckland school rugby coach?facing more than 80 sex charges can now be revealed.

Alosio Taimo is facing 81 charges of sexual offending against young boys and will go on trial in the High Court at Auckland later this year.

He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

There were initially nine complainants and 53 charges against Taimo, but after his name was made public more complainants came forward.

Taimo is now accused of sexually assaulting or abusing 16 boys.

All of the boys were under 16 when the alleged offending occurred, with some younger than 12.

The names of all the victims are automatically suppressed by law – and further suppression orders prevent the?Herald?from naming any schools or sports clubs associated with Taimo’s alleged offending.

Court documents released to the?Herald?show that some of the charges related to alleged offending in the late 80s and early 90s.

The bulk of the allegations relation to offending between 2003 and 2016.

The Crown Charge Notice, which outlines each charge against Taimo, also detailed some of the offending.

He allegedly touched young boys, sexually violated them or induced them to touch or perform sexual acts on them.

The alleged offences took place at his home, in his car, in school sports sheds, in a classroom, and in a South Auckland park.

One some occasions the boys were allegedly abused while Taimo was dropping them off at their homes. End of quote.

Imagine if he had been coaching at charter schools?

Then there is this case: Quote.

A female English teacher who had sex with a 16-year-old student has been struck off the teacher’s register.

The Hasting Boys’ High teacher “candidly” admitted the sexual relationship in June 2017. She was immediately stood down and later resigned.

She had her registration cancelled by the Teacher’s Disciplinary Tribunal in a decision released on Thursday.

Principal Rob Sturch received screenshots of text messages sent between the teacher and student, which were considered sexually suggestive.

When confronted, the teacher admitted she was “stupid” and had “let everyone down”.

The tribunal did not publish details of the sexual relationship, other than to say it was inappropriate. Names have been suppressed.

Sturch received the screenshots of sexually suggestive messages between the teacher and the Year 12 student on June 23, 2017.

He approached the teacher on the same day, concerned about a sexual relationship.

[Teacher E] candidly admitted the nature of her relationship with Student A and did not resist the conclusion that cancellation of her registration to teach is inevitable.”

She was immediately stood down, and a mandatory report was filed with the Education Council.

The teacher then resigned, and was fully cooperative with the Complaints Investigations Committee investigation into the relationship.

The Tribunal said the inappropriate relationship met the threshold of serious misconduct. End of quote.

Where is Chris Hipkins, demanding this school be closed down? This would never have happened if the teachers had been registered… oh wait.

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