Jacinda says she doesn’t lie, then does, over the oil and gas ban

During the election campaign Jacinda Ardern told us that she doesn’t lie, and that politicians shouldn’t lie.

Turns out that was a lie right there, and she has carried on ever since. Her latest is lying about consultation with the oil and gas industry over her virtue-signalling ban on further exploration: Quote.

The Prime Minister is denying accusations the government failed to consult adequately with the oil and gas industry before putting a halt to most future exploration permits.

Earlier this month, the government said there would be?no new permits?for offshore oil exploration, limiting this year’s block offer to onshore Taranaki.

ACT leader David Seymour said the industry was kept in the dark, because the Energy Minister confirmed in response to a parliamentary question that there had been no formal consultation with the industry body Pepanz.

However, Jacinda Ardern said it was all done by the book and the minister had met with oil industry representatives.

“The minister was very familiar, given the number of times she’d met with them over their view on this issue more generally and of course we flagged well before the election that we didn’t see a future for oil and gas exploration in New Zealand.”

Ms Ardern said she would visit Taranaki late next month, if not earlier, to talk about the policy change. End quote.

Judth Collins calls it: Quote.

Let’s see if she is going to “front those mistakes” or continue to lie.

A general conversation, flagging and a quick call on the morning of the decision don’t constitute consultation.

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