John Roughan tears apart Labour’s transport lies


John Roughan calls out the government on their shameless transport spin after announcing a new tax for us all: Quote

It’s time an Aucklander made a confession to the rest of New Zealand. There is no good reason for you to pay an additional tax on petrol for our benefit. There really isn’t.

The taxers are telling you the money will be spent on transport alternatives nationwide but if you can bear to dip into the Government Policy Statement issued this week, which hopes to guide national transport planning for the next 10 years, you will find the priorities are walking, cycling and public transport, “including in Auckland” or, “particularly in Auckland”.

I know we go on and on about traffic congestion and you often see photographs of multi-lane motorways clogged with cars. But those photos are taken with a still camera, the truth is, the traffic is probably moving. Take it from one who commutes by car every day, the traffic is nearly always moving. Not fast, but fast enough to keep all those people in their cars.

Think about it. If the traffic was as bad as Aucklanders like to complain, why would they get back in their cars every morning? Jacinda Ardern of Mt Albert told you this week it was because they had little choice but that is another myth Aucklanders are putting across you.

This city has a perfectly adequate bus service. Dedicated bus lanes were painted on the roads sometime ago and they are working well. From every part of Auckland you can catch a bus to the city centre. If you live in Mt Albert you can also catch a train. End of quote.

Here we get to the nub… or hub of the problem. All the proposed transport solutions are CBD centric. Roughan explains:

The problem is most Auckland commuters don’t go to the city centre, and that is the problem the taxers are not telling you about. Because all their public transport plans, including the latest, “light rail”, are oriented to the city centre. The only way public transport can work in a city such as Auckland is by convincing people to change vehicles along the journey and nobody wants to do that.

Mayor Phil Goff welcomed your additional fuel tax this week, saying he’d “had a gutsful” of travelling to and from work by car. That’s humbug. He works in the city, he could catch a bus or train if he really wanted.

He thinks every Aucklander will be happy to pay the additional national fuel tax on top of the regional petrol tax his council has been given power to levy, and he might be right. Aucklanders presume they will benefit. Not many will have read the Government Policy Statement this week.

I have and it is deeply worrying in its possible impact on Auckland’s congestion. End of quote.

Phil Goff lives in Clevedon; he’s just like Len Brown in that regard. He actually can’t take public transport without several changes in mode. He talks big on public transport but takes a chauffeured driven car to work. He’d like Aucklanders off the road so his motorcade can swan into town on his timetable, just like a despot in Africa or a? member of the politburo. Roughan explains the revenue problem:

All revenue collected from road users through fuel taxes, licence fees and truck charges goes into a national fund that gets allocated fairly and dispassionately around the country by the NZ Transport Agency.

The policy statement is an explicit directive to the Transport Agency to spend less on main highways and motorways than it was previously planning to do, and allocate more to walking, cycling and public transport (especially in Auckland). Furthermore, the money it does allocate to roads is to directed to prioritise safety, not capacity. End of quote.

So, the prime minister and Phil Twyford were lying when it came to their statements on how much they were going to spend on the regions. In fact, they are going to spend much, much less on the regions and plenty plus more in Auckland, and a great deal of that for Phil Twyford’s tram to the airport. He finishes:

If Aucklanders think their congestion is bad now, it is nothing to what it will be if this Government’s intentions come to fruition. Auckland drivers have invited this folly with their pretended suffering and they alone should pay for it. End of quote.

I frequently drive cross city, as do many workers. There is no sensible public transport that will work for me, or indeed many workers. If you live on the North Shore and work in East Tamaki, good luck getting public transport to work. Almost all the transport solutions aren’t actually solutions. They are transport spotters’ wet dreams for a network like the cities they spent time in on their OE, without a care for the cost, or the history or the population base to make it all work. Everyone likes the sound of a tram to the airport. Then, when you look at the route they have planned, you realise it will be a ten-year disaster during the building and an even worse one for a lifetime paying for it when it fails to cover costs.

These virtue-signalling idiots won’t even have a single metre of track laid before the next election. But, taxpayers all around the country will have been socked hundreds of millions of dollars in extra taxes. That is how landslide elections happen.