Leftist feminist gets a taste of the Red Pill

Caption: Transgender activism has some feminists threatening to take the red pill

The left has a long tradition of denigrating and undermining the very people they claim to champion. Despite the left’s pretensions to championing the working-classes, generations of leftists, from the Bloomsbury Group to the Clinton Democrats, have openly despised actual working people. Even while the Communists mouthed their platitudes about freeing the proletariat, they assiduously set about murdering tens of millions of them.

Today’s left dutifully don the borrowed plumage of “women’s rights”, but promulgate agendas that actively work against the interests of actual women. “Feminists” fetishise the most misogynist religion on the face of the planet by donning hijab. The left also champion a biological imperialism of surrogacy programs which reduce women in the developing world especially to nothing more than incubators at the service of wealthy Westerners.

But the left’s maniacal obsession with transgender ideology is perhaps their most egregious attack on the rights and status of actual women.Quote:

In the most fundamental way, to be a “woman” (read: female) is to fit a certain biological criteria. Namely, XX chromosome, type of gonads, sex hormones, internal reproductive anatomy and external genitalia.End of quote.

The left’s claims of “non-binary” are also arrant nonsense.Quote:

While there are sometimes variances in [sexual dimorphism]…they are just that — anomalous variances of the binary — not proof that the binary is not a binary. For example, the birth of a child with no legs wouldn’t prove that humans aren’t bipedal.End of quote.

Transgender activists continually whine that anything less than full, crawling compliance with their demands is tantamount to denying that they exist. Yet: Quote:

with Labour now suggesting the very concept of being a woman is now open to anybody that wishes to identify as such…[the] very biological and linguistic identity [of women] is being erased in favour of a surface level “progressive-ism”. End of quote.

When Bruce Jenner is crowned “Woman of the Year”, the left are tacitly declaring that women are inferior to men at even being women. Quote:

what could be more marginalising than erasing wholesale the very concept of woman?End of quote.

Even groups who usually sit high on the left’s Victim Totem Pole are being sacrificed to their transgender obsession. Quote:

This assault on language extends into sexuality also — if somebody used the phrase “a lesbian with a female penis”, you’d think they were quoting a Bernard Manning joke. But now it has become the reality to which lesbians have to conform to unless they want to be labelled as bigots. End of quote.

When the tranny lobby began campaigning for the right to enter previously female-only spaces, such as toilets, change-rooms and shelters, it was conservatives, not the left, who pushed back. They were ruthlessly mocked and attacked by the left. Yet, now, some on the left are starting to wake up. Quote:

what would the GRA [Gender Recognition Act] reforms do to stop non-trans men simply identifying as women to gain access to these spaces?…men could (and some argue have already started to) take advantage of the change in law to access those that are already most vulnerable. There are those that will label this as hyperbolic fear mongering, but history would suggest otherwise.End of quote.

History, and evidence: there are already known cases of “self-identifying” “trans-women” using changes in law to gain access to women and girls, with ill intent. Or criminal abusers “identifying as trans” in an attempt to evade punishment.

This is a long article, which too often descends into radical feminist hyperbole, but, strip away the verbiage, and what you find is a leftist feminist who is threatening to take the Red Pill. Quote:

This dramatic shift from people that readily describe themselves as “The Left” ironically puts them in the same box as what they’d consider to be “far right” if you compare their attitudes towards free speech and a plurality of beliefs. Especially when those that don’t agree are threatened with violence, censorship and misogynistic slurs. End of quote.

As former Australian leftist politician Peter Baldwin has written, Regressive Left activists often claim to be fighting against “fascism”…they are the ones who, time and again, resort to classic 1930s fascist tactics.

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