Local schools say ‘yeah, nah’ to Labour’s KiwiSlum plans

Three local schools have moved to change their school zones to exclude the planned KiwiSlum build at Unitec. Newshub reports:

Two Auckland schools have changed their enrolment zones and a third is set to follow after the announcement of a housing development in Mt Albert.

Up to 4000 new homes – a mix of KiwiBuild and market-rate housing – will be built on former Unitec land bought by the Government.

Gladstone School and Kowhai Intermediate both changed their zones to not include the development, while Mount Albert Grammar is in the process of consulting to change its zone.

Ministry of Education deputy secretary sector enablement and support Katrina Casey told Newshub the change is solely due to growth – not to exclude families who’ll live in what the ACT Pary has labelled a “ghetto”.

“Boards are required to review their enrolment schemes on a regular basis and generally the trigger for making a change is growth,” said Ms Casey.

“It would be unusual to do it for any other reason if there wasn’t significant growth occurring.”

The ministry estimates the homes would bring in 950 new primary, 300 new intermediate and 800 new secondary school-age residents. End of quote.

And the NZ Herald reports:

Two Auckland schools have changed their enrolment zones to exclude students from a new affordable housing development while a third is consulting with the community on a similar move.

The development, planting up to 4000 new-builds on Unitec land in Mt Albert, is the first major plan released under the Government’s KiwiBuild programme which aims to build 100,000 affordable homes in the next 10 years.

Standalone houses in Auckland will cost $500,000 to $600,000, with apartments and townhouses under $500,000.

Unitec is condensing its campus and 29ha of its land will be transferred to the Crown.

Ministry of Education’s Deputy Secretary in enablement and support Katrina Casey confirmed Gladstone School and Kowhai Intermediate had already changed their enrolment zones in anticipation of the development.

Mt Albert Grammar is in the process of consulting with the community about their proposed zone amendment.

Casey said all three schools had been engaging with the Ministry.?End of quote.

It should come as no surprise to Jacinda Ardern, who campaigned in the Mt Albert by-election against immigration and, ironically, the original smaller Unitec proposal, on the basis that the schools were already full. She told Politik:

A scheme to redevelop part of Unitec?s campus and build 1800 new homes is a long running irritant in the electorate.

?There are questions around what kind of urban design will that project have; will it have an effect on traffic; will it overflow our schools which are already at capacity so housing in all of its forms and infrastructure in all of its forms has been a hot topic here.? End of quote.

Looks like the budget will be further stretched with the need for a new school. It also looks like Phil Twyford and Jacinda Ardern have no idea what building a new subdivision even entails. It is highly ironic that Jacinda Ardern criticised the former government for wanting to put 1,800 houses on the site, and the fact the schools were already over capacity, but she thought nothing of whacking twice as many houses on the same plot of land and sending the kids to those same over-capacity schools once she is in government.

These people are the worst kind of idiot. Not even a village would want them.