Rodney Hide schools Jacinda on climate change

Rodney Hide is another who has decided Jacinda’s Kool-Aid has gone off: Quote:

Jacinda Ardern has been in the job long enough for me to conclude she is incompetent and woefully unsuited to be prime minister.

Her hastily cobbled together press conference to announce the ban on future offshore oil and gas exploration was a trainwreck in so many ways but let me just concentrate on the announcement in pinko, greenie terms.

The prime minister said the government has a plan.

?Today we are announcing the coalition government has a plan to transition toward a carbon neutral future, one that looks 30 years in advance.?

Putting aside the wisdom of such a plan, one would conclude the government has a plan. After all, the prime minister told us it does.

But the government has no plan. There is no road map explaining how New Zealand gets from where it is now to ?carbon-neutral.?

?Our plan is clear ? we are committed to becoming a net zero emission economy by 2050, with an interim step of making our electricity system 100% renewable by 2035. We have also started work on how we will achieve that.?

Started work? On how to achieve that? It?s not even known if it is possible. Or the cost.

It?s a rookie greenie, pinko mistake to confuse a plan with a goal. A competent prime minister announcing a plan would actually have a plan, not just a goal, and a few action points, for example plant trees, ban exploration, set up a new quango and fund innovation.

The goal set by the prime minister is bigger than one ever before set by a government. Fossil fuels make up 60% of our energy supply. The ?transition away from fossil fuels? is far bigger than the 1980s ?Rogernomics,? far bigger than, say, Stalin?s forced industrialisation through the ?five-year plans,? far bigger than the US putting a man on the moon.

It’s a huge undertaking. End quote.

Brutal, but accurate from Rodney. Quo

And it?s not to be any old transition such as from hunter-gatherer to farming but a ?just? transition.

There won’t be upset of the sort when those old nasties closed the local post office. This transition will be smooth, it will make us rich, provide jobs, and will free us of carbon.

We will scoot about in electric cars, charge our phones with windmills, and a man will hook his bike up to power the espresso machine for our latte.

Industry will be clean and green. We will make movies, write songs and develop new apps. Farming will be high tech and organic. Heavy industry will be redundant.

After her press conference the prime minister rushed to Victoria University to gush to students. She dispatched Justice Minister Andrew Little to Taranaki to explain the ban.

By all accounts, the students were ecstatic; the people in Taranaki not so much.

Prime Minister Ardern likes to remind us climate change is her generation?s nuclear-free moment. She’s right.

That was all rhetoric too, with no plan or thought for what was to happen next, and, despite the drums and hoopla, it also achieved nothing.?End quote.

Yep, not a single bomb or missile was ever dismantled because David Lange liked to hurl slogans around. No nuclear power voluntarily threw away all their weapons and no power station was shutdown because nuclear was bad. In fact, the opposite occurred. More power stations were opened and more countries developed nuclear weapons.

Just yesterday India announced it was not longer going to build a whole lot of nuclear power stations. Instead, they will use their abundant coal reserves to build hundreds of coal fired power plants. Our output in total won’t even come close to India’s carbon output from their new plants. But we have to wreck our economy to prove a spurious point?

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