Taxpayers’ Union not happy with Jonesy either


The Taxpayers’ Union isn’t at all happy with Shane Jones.

NewstalkZB reports:

NZ First minister Shane Jones is facing backlash over his comments about the public sector.

The Regional Development Minister Shane Jones believes there’s too much bureaucracy and red tape when it comes to getting anything done, and wants Ministers to have more power.

National’s spokesman Paul Goldsmith says Jones should be hauled over the coals for the comments, saying they are code for Jones wanting to give himself more power to do what he pleases, and Jacinda Ardern should be chiding him for it.

“Bringing him back and telling him in no uncertain times that its not his job to further politicise the public service and he should just concentrate on doing his job properly.”

The Taxpayers Union has taken an even stronger, calling it an attack on New Zealand’s independence.

Jones believes allowing ministers to appoint top officials will help achieve his goal for less bureaucracy.

Executive Director Jordan Williams that would mean abandoning New Zealand’s politically neutral public service and would result in corruption.

“We would get an American style crony system, where politicians come in and appoint their mates to top-tier positions, and that’s already a really risk that we have at the moment.” End quote.

I don’t think this puppy will fly. I wonder if Jonesy is flying a kite because Newshub is in the field polling?

It seems that only Jonesy is happy with this. The unions aren’t happy, National aren’t happy and the Taxpayers’ Union isn’t happy. I wonder what Jacinda Ardern will say?

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