The current crop of political incompetents: Part two

Andrew Little is the minister of justice, courts, GCSB and the SIS as well as treaty negotiations and Pike River?mine re-entry.

There is much to be done here one would have thought but in reality LITTLE has been achieved so far. Top marks for finding his way to New Plymouth where his popularity is such that an enormous crowd of fifty people turned up to hear him insult the local political leaders. He is a testament to the old saying that a leopard (or a union man) doesn?t change its spots. He is still mining an answer for the people of Pike River.

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Carmel Sepuloni is the minister of social?development which is an inspired choice as she will be able to recognise anyone who might be trying to defraud the department. She is also the minister for disability issues. I think that it is best that I not comment on that.

David Clark as the minister of health. He is probably not feeling too chipper himself right now. He claimed incorrectly (as it turned out) that he had a wall load of sewage to deal with at Middlemore hospital. There?s an injection of confidence needed here. Is he the one to provide the shot in the arm? Very doubtful.


Nanaia Mahuta is the minister of Maori development.

It is hard to see much development for Maori physically or mentally. Oh dear. Been let down again!
She is also the minister of local government. They?ll be pretty much able to get on with things how they want now as Nanaia has proven to be a minister of non-interference.

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Stuart Nash is the minister of police and he needs to police the hopeless rabble he?s a part of.
He is also the minister of fisheries. I would have thought that Jacinda would have had the perfect credentials for this portfolio. Having ruled out oil and gas it will probably be money he?s now fishing for.

Nash is the minister of revenue. He?ll need to be on top of his game now otherwise Lotto and the pokies might be his best bet bearing in mind that their only other idea is more tax.
He is also the minister of small?business. There won?t be any small business people left shortly so that is one less portfolio for him to worry about. No big business either by the sound of it.

Ian Lees-Galloway is the minister of workplace?relations and safety.
Safety is a tag on. What?s important is workplace relations. Translation: JOIN THE UNION!
He is also the minister of immigration. All signs are that this is another portfolio they are keen to do away with. Business, Asians, developers, rich pricks in general. BUGGER OFF!

He was a brilliant choice to be the minister of ACC because he is an accident waiting to happen. Having said that you could?ve given it to anyone of them. Phil Twyford maybe. Could have a permanent claim himself for mental stress and harassment in the workplace caused by Judith Collins.


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