Two impertinent questions for Chris Hipkins


Hitman: Education Minister Chris Hipkins plans to eliminate Partnership schools
Credit: Luke

At about two minutes and forty seconds?into a video?on Maori Television Chris Hipkins seems to favour those he considers to be “Maori providers.” He said that for the Maori providers ” in particular” he wants to see how Labour can accommodate them in the state system.

My two impertinent questions are about what makes a charter school a “Maori provider” in Chris Hipkins’ eyes.

Vanguard Military School students.
PHOTO-Vanguard Military School facebook page

1. Is it a school that has a substantial Maori student population like Vanguard, Rise-Up or Villa Trust charter schools?

2. Or is a charter school considered a “Maori provider” if it is fortunate enough to have a connection to one of his Maori MPs?