Where the heck am I?

Where the HECK am I?

Pete asked for anyone to supply any material to cover posts during Easter 2017: the first quiz was then published on 8 April 2017. It started off with questions about semi-known names from both main islands plus a capital city of some relatively obscure country. The first one was Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, that exactly 50% of the almost 700 readers knew or guessed correctly.

Buoyed by the successful reaction I then decided to do one or two more, added in an area between two places to guess or work out the mileage and four options for the correct spelling of place names ie Maungatautari: 47% knew that.

Gradually, as the better-known places were used up, the maps started to become part of the floor furniture. Trying to read the likes of Mangateparu, Poroutawhaio and Kakapotahi and then transferring the correct spelling became a weekly challenge, and sometimes it wasn?t right?? somebody usually told me!? With changing boundaries, over the years, of provinces, councils and regions it was not always easy. I have at least found out the correct spelling of Wairarapa after all these years. Sometimes some history or background was added to give interest. I noticed that 14 weeks later Vilnius was asked again?? this time only 43% were correct!

Eight towns, starting with Green, were used, 10 lakes, 9 starting with ‘West’, and then 11 ‘Springs’. To help Shane Jones, we discovered where all our forests are, even if his tree planters haven?t found them yet.

We went on a famous pub crawl, with good knowledge of them, speedway tracks, racecourses, freight-company bases, various lakes, rivers and mountains. By now some of the places used were fairly insignificant ? minor dots on the map off the SH roads. Latterly, it was even the birthplaces of various Kiwis. I had run out of New Zealand towns to guess the mileage between and so moved across the ditch to go around Australia.

The last three weeks have featured photos of our ‘Big’ icons scattered around the country. I think I used all of them, with the exception of the Lemon & Paeroa?? surely everyone would have known that?

Overall we have seen 454 place names in New Zealand as questions or the correct answer, and there have also been numerous other options as possible answers. Fifty-eight overseas capitals and countries have been used along with various Australian ones.

I suspect that for many it became a guessing contest. I often did, purposely, put in hard options designed to lead some astray?? sorry. So, this will be the last one. It features both the least-known and most-known questions over the past 54 quizzes. The interesting thing is that I struggle to read maps. Mrs HP did all the navigation on our two-year 34-country campervan travel throughout Europe. Often when I say “where is that?” I get told I am meant to know where the heck it is.

Hopefully, this spot may well be filled with another quiz. You will have to wait a week to find out what the heck I mean.

Thank you for sharing them and special thanks for the comments received; they are always welcomed. As John Hore sang, ?I?ve been everywhere man.”

We certainly have.


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