Why both the left and the far-right are wrong about Muslims

There is an interesting article by an Atheist Muslim that explains how the Left and the far- right think differently about Muslims. As an ordinary right-wing person, I personally focus on the political ideology of Islam rather than on Muslims themselves. I understand that being a Muslim does not necessarily mean that a person agrees with all the ideas of political Islam. I object very strongly to the totalitarian ideas of Political Islam just like I object strongly to Communism and Nazism. All three are political belief systems that I will fight to keep out of my democracy.

The article points out are the different ways in which the left and the far-right view Islam and  Muslims and why both are wrong in the writer’s opinion.Quote:

The left’s reluctance to confront problematic parts of Islamic ideology has allowed the far-right to hijack the narrative about Muslims, according to ex-Muslim and author Ali Rizvi.

Speaking out about women’s rights, the rights of homosexuals or the right of religious freedom should be encouraged and not shut down by claims of Islamophobia, says author Ali Rizvi.[…]

Rizvi […] says the political left is wrong about Islam and the right is wrong about Muslims.

“There’s a difference in my mind between the ideology of Islam, which is a set of ideas in a book, and the identity of being Muslim. So Islamic ideology versus Muslim identity. This is a really, really key distinction.”

Rizvi believes the left and right conflate Islamic ideology and Muslim identity. End of quote.

Life would be a lot simpler if Muslims who are not really Muslims stopped identifying as Muslims. I was raised Catholic but do not call myself Catholic yet Muslims who were born into Muslim families insist on claiming Muslim as their cultural identity. I really don’t know why they would want to identify with a culture and a political ideology that they don’t follow. It is like all these annoying people who identify as women when they are men and vice versa. If it wasn’t for the threat of death for leaving Islam I am sure that this bizarre desire to identify as Muslim would rapidly fall out of fashion.Quote:

“On the left, they say, if you criticise Islam, if you criticise anything in the Koran that you don’t like then you are being a bigot against Muslims. They conflate it that way, any criticism of Islam is bigotry against all Muslims.

“On the right they often say, there are many problems in Islam – the ideology – and that means we must surviel all Muslims, we must ban Muslims from coming into the country or get rid of Muslim immigration.”

[…]“The word Islamophobia doesn’t make that distinction either.

[…] Liberals who don’t discuss issues with passages in the Koran which promote smiting disbelievers leave a vacuum which the far-right has filled, he says […]

“The right is wrong about Muslims in the sense that just because there are problems in Islam doesn’t mean that everybody who calls themselves a Muslim represents the worst of what the ideology is.”

The left who traditionally champion issues like women’s rights are also letting Muslims down […]

“There are women in Iran ripping off their hijabs, which are forced upon them by the government and they are burning them, they are going to prison and many of them have been tortured, some of them have died, just for the right to be able to dress the way they want and to take off their hijab.

“When they are watching TV and they see a women’s march in the US where there are non-Muslim women wearing the hijab, putting on a hijab to show solidarity with Muslim women in the US – you can imagine how triggering and emotionally traumatic that might be for them.”

What he would prefer to see is a discussion around Islamic ideology not being silenced by calls of Islamophobia.  He hopes that will eventually lead to reform, secularism and an Islamic enlightenment.[…] End of quote:

Another difference between how the two political sides view the issue is how they form their opinions on the subject. The Left tend to form their opinion based on their experience of individual Muslims. If they know a nice person who identifies as a Muslim or if they have had a positive experience with Muslims then they are not interested in learning the facts about Political Islam. They just don’t want to hear what they call Islamophobia because nice Mr Muhammed down the road is such a gentleman and his wife looks so colourful in her pretty hijab. Additionally, they believe that Muslims are at the top of the victimhood pyramid so they are a protected species.

On the other hand, people on the right are more likely to form their opinion based on information about political Islam. When they do mention Muslims it is only because they are quoting statistics and evidence. Individual Muslims are not considered relevant as they think instead in percentages.

The key issue from the article that I disagree with is the claim that the right is demonising Muslims because they don’t want to bring any more into the West. If we were demonising Muslims we would be blaming them for all our economic woes. We would be making them scapegoats for things that had nothing to do with them and we would be inciting violence and ultimately genocide towards them. In other words, we would be treating Muslims the same way the black South African government is currently treating white South Africans. If you want a prima facie case of the demonisation of a people you need look no further than South Africa. The genocide has already started and our government won’t lift a finger to help.


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