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peculate (verb) – To steal or take dishonestly (money, especially public funds, or property entrusted to one’s care); embezzle.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Peculate derives from the Latin past participle and noun pec?l?tus ?embezzled, embezzlement,? derivative of the verb pec?l?r? ?to embezzle,? and itself a derivative of pec?lium ?wealth in cattle, private property.? Latin suffers from an embarras de richesses of terms relating to misappropriation of public funds, embezzlement, and peculation. The Latin root noun behind all the corruption is pecu ?cattle, large cattle,? the source of pec?nia ?movable property, riches, wealth, money.? Latin pecu comes all but unchanged from Proto-Indo-European pek-, peku- ?wealth, livestock, movable property.? Peku- becomes fehu- in Germanic, feoh ?cattle, goods, money? in Old English, and fee in English. Peculate entered English in the 18th century.