Answers to questions about Political Islam

It has become clear that the tyrants of Silicon Valley are determined to silence my voice and presence on social media. I am told constantly that my posts on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube are being hidden, suppressed, shadow banned. I have been thrown in a dark basement in which my existence is only evident if you follow me on GAB or you pro-actively go to my mainstream social media pages.

In an attempt to keep my shadow-banned social media accounts from being completely banned, I plan to use email more often as an information vehicle to circumvent their barriers to free speech. When I want to violate social media “community standards,” I?ll say it in a newsletter. No filters. No shadow banning. No censorship.

I need Social Media Warriors!

People always ask me how they can help to spread the word about political Islam. If you use social media, go to my pages on a regular basis and repost my comments to your followers, even if means copying and pasting the content with a ?hat tip? to me. Will this help? I don?t know, but it can?t hurt to try.

It?s time that all citizens who are dedicated to individual?s rights of freedom of speech stand up to these despots and use their creative power to find ways to spread the truth. We must be the nail that stands straight up, that won’t be driven down. Refuse to submit to the censorship of tyrants. We must fight to the end.

Bill Warner PhD