Quillette: Discussion with founder and editor Claire Lehmann

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This video is interesting because its Peterson openly trying to help this site increase its Patreon funding. ?As a result of Peterson posting the video their monthly funding has increased from 4000 to 7000+ $US (she says on it somewhere that she was at 4000 at the time of the video). Peterson tweeted that he was aiming for 10000, but not bad in a month. ?I think it says something (good) about Peterson that he set out to do this. ?The woman behind Quillette tweeted out that his video crashed her site with the traffic which came its way.

I have never seen Whaleoil post anything from Quillette, I think its a fantastic site where right wing academics in particular are finding a place to write against the oppressive left they have lived in fear of their whole careers. ?I have copied a recent article below but the site is full of intellectual riches. ?More highbrow than Whaleoil, but hey we need a bit of both!