July 2018

Tuesday nightcap

Lauren Southern says that  Islam is winning because the West has lost its identity.


Celebrities that hate PC culture

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Theological Tuesday

Animation of 2015 explosion

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The truth about Lakemba

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Daily roundup

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Credit:Kim Kardashi-Un

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Tweet of the day


What qualifications do journalists need these days?

What qualifications do journalists need these days?

Too often their sentence structure has me reading a newspaper article over and over, trying to get the meaning. Too often their sentences are like the example that teachers used at school, in the days when they understood sentence structure,  ‘For sale, a piano by a lady with carved legs’. A TV sports reporter said recently that Serena Williams had “only given birth 10 months ago.”  I assumed she meant to say ‘had given birth only 10 months ago.’  The correct use of words and punctuation can make a big difference to the listeners’ understanding of those words.

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Come on Omaha: Enough with the poo flinging already

It seems that there is a real problem with dog poo up on the East Coast north of Auckland.

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