Who’s National’s dirty little leaker?

I’m not sure appointing a QC with a reputation of not being fulsome with disclosure was a good idea for the inquiry into the National party leaker:Quote:

Former solicitor-general Michael Heron QC will lead the inquiry into the leaking of National leader Simon Bridges’ travel and accommodation expenses to the media.

Parliament’s Speaker Trevor Mallard announced the appointment today.

“Mr Heron is experienced in conducting high-profile inquiries relating to integrity and conduct,” Mallard said in a statement.

Heron was appointed in consultation with Bridges.

Mallard announced last week that a Queen’s Counsel would be appointed to lead the inquiry into who might have given the information to Newshub ahead of its public release last Thursday.

Heron will engage a forensic IT expert, and Mallard previously said an employment lawyer would also help with the inquiry.

“It is important to ascertain how this breach of trust occurred and to identify whether there is a systemic issue or an individual is responsible, and if so who that person is,” Mallard said.?End quote.

His appointment was made after an anonymous text message was received by both Trevor Mallard and Simon Bridges, apparently from the dirty little (and now mentally unstable) leaker: Quote:

National leader Simon Bridges has received an anonymous text from a person claiming to have leaked his expenses – and they say they’re a National Party member.

Bridges and Parliament’s Speaker Trevor Mallard both received an anonymous text message last week from a person claiming to be responsible for leaking the information to Newshub, RNZ reported.

Bridges is expected to respond to the matter this morning.

The text author reportedly said they had leaked the expenses because they disagreed with Bridges’ leadership style, describing him as “arrogant”, and wanted him to be held to account for his spending of taxpayers’ money.

The author of the text warned they had suffered from mental health problems in the past and said being exposed publicly could push them over the edge and put their life at risk.

The appeal came after Mallard launched an inquiry into who leaked the expenses and promised to name and shame the person responsible.

Sources say the text was extensive, and was sent from a disposable phone.

National MPs are heading to Wellington for a meeting, and Bridges is likely to respond this morning.

Mallard told the?Herald?this morning he will be making no comment on anything to do with the incident or the inquiry until the terms of reference are prepared: “end of story”. End quote.

It is obvious that the leaker is connected to a caucus member. It is also obvious that people know who the dirty little leaker is.

Simon Bridges must act strongly on this, both the leaker and the caucus member who provided the details need to be rinsed very hard and very publicly otherwise he will appear weak. If Bridges fails to act strongly it is only a matter of time before he is stabbed and at a time that would be inopportune for him.

I still suspect the caucus member concerned is a member of “The Puddle”. I guess we will find out soon enough though because my caucus sources say that it is almost certain?that the culprit/s will be found.

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