Burning the boss’ money on bonfires of political vanity

Caption: The smirk you wear when you’re flushing someone else’s money down the toilet of left-wing groupthink.

In a key early scene in Citizen Kane, Kane?s guardian frets that his ward?s recently-acquired newspaper is fast losing money. The ebullient Kane retorts, ?You know, Mr. Thatcher, at the rate of a million dollars a year, I’ll have to close this place in… 60 years?.

But Kane is backed by a literal gold-mine. He can afford to lose money on a newspaper vanity project. Modern media companies have no such luxury. They certainly can?t afford to sink money into soapboxes for moralising elitists hardly anyone pays attention to. Quote:

The Project sinks in the ratings to just 312,000 viewers… as Nine’s The Block continues to smash the million mark.

Channel Ten’s network audience share has noticeably dropped since January, according to OzTAM figures.

And the CBS-owned broadcaster flopped in the ratings on Sunday, with The Project attracting just 312,000 viewers across the five major cities. End of quote.

It?s almost as if people just aren?t interested in being lectured and browbeaten by wall-to-wall, smug lefty elitists, circle-jerking each other with their moronic opinions.

Sure, the free-to-air television landscape is fraught with challenges, as subscription and streaming services draw away viewers, but other programs are going gangbusters. Quote:

In comparison, Channel Nine’s The Block came out on top with a metro audience of 1.341 million, making it the highest-rating episode of the season so far.

The Sunday Project fell to thirteenth place in the prime time slot, with just 312,000 metro viewers tuning in.

Coming out on top was The Block (1.341 million), followed by Nine News Sunday (1.061 million) and Seven News (1.042 million).

The Block also celebrated its highest-rating episode to date so far this season. End of quote.

No doubt defenders of The Project will sneer about ?real estate porn?, but that misses the point. A show that doesn?t pull in viewers is just burning the boss? money.

This weird preference for lefty virtue-signalling isn?t restricted to Ten and The Project. US cable sports giant ESPN has haemorraged subscribers even as it doubles down on its hectoring leftism. CNN blatantly shills for the Democrats, even as its audience numbers spiral down the toilet. Target triggers devastating boycotts by pandering to loudmouth transgender activists. Hollywood?s audience plummets as its conga-line of brainless celebrities honk their carping inanities at the ?deplorables? in flyover country.

Why are normally hard-headed commercial enterprises seemingly so intent on throwing their money at bonfires of political vanity?

Animator John Kricfalusi has said that entertainment executives really have no idea any more why shows succeed, so they turn to the pseudoscience of ?marketing?. Increasingly, marketers are millennials with Communications degrees: young, naive, and inculcated with Marxist gobbledegook. The new managerial class is locked in a leftist echo-chamber.

Journalism is even worse. The BBC, for instance, draws almost all its talent from a tiny clique of Oxbridge chums who all live within the same few hipster areas of London. In Australia, journalism rarely ventures beyond the latte-belt suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne.

Add to that, the well-organised campaigns of economic terrorism waged by tiny cells of SJW activists amplified beyond all reason by the make-believe world of social media. Quote:

Ten, which was bought by CBS in August last year, has continued to show a steady decline in the ratings, according to OzTAM figures.

By late April of this year, the total audience share had declined from 32.8 per cent to 20 per cent across the five major cities and during the prime time nightly spot.

Year-on-year, the total audience share has dropped by approximately 2 per cent.

Overall, Network Ten’s ratings performance delivered an audience share of 7.5 per cent on Sunday, compared to Nine’s 26.5 per cent, Seven’s 20.8 per cent and the ABC’s 12.1 per cent. End of quote.

Wow: 5% below even the ABC? That’s an astonishingly bad performance.

So long as mainstream media is run by and for left-wing elites dancing to the tune of social media Wizards of Oz, so long will they continue to haemorrhage audiences.

Still, we here in the ?intellectual dark web? of alternative media ought to be grateful, I suppose.

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