Greg O’Connor emasculated for telling the truth, while Jacinda laughs in background

Jacinda Ardern has carried over her bad form from last week into this week, having a crack at Greg O’Connor for telling the truth about her leadership.

Yesterday he was embarrassingly forced into a backdown while she laughed in the background. Quote:

First term Labour MP Greg O’Connor says he “got it wrong” when he questioned the Prime Minister’s handling of the Clare Curran resignation on radio.

Mr O’Connor said Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern “could have done better” in her handling of Ms Curran’s resignation on radio on Monday morning. “I don’t think anyone will disagree with that”, he said at the time.

But on Tuesday morning, Mr O’Connor was apologetic. He told media he “got it wrong” about half a dozen times before the Labour caucus met.

“I got it wrong – my understanding of the events – it was wrong. I’ve spoken with the Prime Minister, or she’s spoken with me, and I know what was right,” Mr O’Connor said.

“I got it wrong. When you do these long-ranging interviews you cover a lot of topics, and on that particular one I got it wrong, and the Prime Minister and I have spoken, and I’m well aware I got it wrong.”

He said he had a long conversation with the Prime Minister, in which he was told off.

“It would be fair to say that the Prime Minister wasn’t happy. I wouldn’t be happy either, so yes, I got a telling off,” Mr O’Connor said. End quote.

Ardern is trying to be a strong woman after intense criticism of her weakness in the past week. But it is hard to stop being the nicer kinder kind of politician that you have always believed in just because it doesn’t work. The voters can see through it and now she looks nasty and vindictive. Which she has always been, it is just now we are seeing the truth come out.

Frankly, O’Connor did nothing wrong. He was actually correct.

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