Here is what women bring to politics…

… that we could really do without.

Jacinda Ardern & flying dildo. Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

Excessive emotion.

In her resignation speech last week, Clare Curran spoke of how she is, after all, a “human being” and that she was unable to cope with the? “relentless pressure”? that was put upon her. She claimed her “mistakes” were? “not deliberate” (such as hiding details of meetings with people who may have been given positions of importance related to her portfolio) but these mistakes were “greatly amplified” and the? “pressure” became “intolerable”.

To quote the boss – “What a crybaby”.

Was Todd Barclay a ‘human being’ when the media went after him mercilessly for weeks on end? Did he blub about ‘relentless pressure’?

In an article in the?NY Times, our beloved Cindy complains about the anguish she had to suffer over wasting taxpayers’ money on a private plane to take her to Nauru for one day because she had a breastfeeding baby. quote:

When I met her at her gray frame bungalow, a few hours after she got home, she was handing off her big black briefcase to an aide at the door, breast-feeding her daughter and anguishing about what she calls her ?damned if I do, damned if I don?t? moment.

?What surprised me the most is how hard I took that, being given a hard time for going, but actually it did upset me a bit,? she said, wearing jeans with holes in the knees and a maternity pullover, kicking off her fuzzy leopard slippers and sitting in bare feet on the floor of the living room. Gayford stood in the kitchen, cradling the beautiful baby in a blue-and-white striped blanket. end quote.

You thought it was going to be okay to waste taxpayers’ money on a completely unnecessary jaunt?

It amazes me that the New York Times is still writing puff pieces about our prime minister. They are apparently completely unaware of how, like Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron, she started out with a lot of hope but has come crashing down to earth in her home country because photo shoots and virtue signalling don’t fill people’s pockets. It seems that fairy dust can travel a long way. quote:

?In New Zealand, we?re really careful about excess,? said Ardern, who bought her maternity clothes at Kmart and frequents secondhand stores. end quote.

That is an image she likes to portray. No one believes her unless they are Cindyphobes anyway. quote:

??I hate the idea of anyone thinking that I don?t put a lot of thought about the cost to taxpayers. I make our ministers travel to events in vans to pool together.? She instituted a salary freeze last month that stopped a 3 percent raise for her and the members of Parliament. end quote.

She made ministers travel in vans together once, in the midst of Simon Bridges travel expenses fiasco. The salary freeze was a way of cutting out the legs of the Remuneration Authority, meaning MPs can increase their salaries by 20% next year if they want to. Then she decided to charter a private jet at the taxpayers’ cost, so all this justification is mere garbage.

But I digress.

The point is that Cindy is upset over the criticism of her wasting taxpayers money over a private plane flight to take her to Nauru for one day because she is breastfeeding. The criticism is perfectly justified because she did not need to go to Nauru. Winston Peters was quite capable of handling it by himself.

I wonder how upset Steven Joyce was over the relentless criticism over the $11.7 billion dollar hole that turned out to be accurate, if not understated?

I wonder if John Key was upset about Kim Dotcom inciting student groups to chant “Fxxk John Key” during the 2014 election?

I wonder if Don Brash was upset at having mud thrown in his face at Waitangi?

I wonder if Nick Smith was upset at having rat poison thrown in his face and wiped on his clothing?

I wonder how Cindy would feel if someone threw a dildo in her face? Would she be upset?

I have a piece of advice for Cindy that she really shouldn’t need. Politics is a very tough world. If you can’t cope (and believe me, criticism over the private plane trip is nothing compared to what will come to you over the next couple of years)? then you are not cut out for politics. As Tana Umaga once said, “this isn’t tiddlywinks.”

To quote my excellent colleague, WH – ‘take a concrete pill and harden up’.


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