Hitting people – excusable, hitting the bottle – resign!

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Why is Meka Whaitiri fit to be an MP and not a Minister?

It?s an excellent point made by Bryce Edwards. Quote:

New Zealanders hate to hear stories of mistreatment by arrogant, rude, or demanding celebrities, politicians, or bosses. And to be accused of bullying or violence against your own staff is the ultimate low.

That’s what makes the allegations against Labour MP Meka Whaitiri more than just a “beltway” issue for those obsessed with politics. With increasing public concerns about violence and bullying, there’s a strong public interest in knowing whether our politicians are fit to be representatives in Parliament.

We still don’t know to what extent the allegations against Whaitiri are true. But we do know that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has read the report about her alleged altercation with her press secretary and deemed it necessary that the minister be sacked. Ardern declared that “based on what I have seen, I do not have confidence in her retaining her role as minister.”

But why does Ardern have enough confidence in Whaitiri for her to continue to be a Labour Party MP, and a leader within the caucus? End quote.

Aaron Gilmore

After all, Aaron Gilmore left parliament for being verbally abusive to a waiter after a long liquid lunch. The only thing he hit hard that afternoon was the bottle. If Gilmore resigned as an MP for bad verbal behaviour, shouldn?t Whaitiri go for bad physical behaviour?

Speaking of Happy Gilmore, I hope he is doing better these days. A year or so ago, he was embarrassing himself by sending unpleasant emails to people late at night, telling them about his alleged net worth. It?s all a bit sad when someone consults closely with Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker and Jim Beam at 11 o?clock at night.

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