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As used as they are to living in a bubble of exclusivity that would make the Ancien R?gime Sun Kings of Versailles weep with envy, the cluelessness of the Hollywood elite is still astonishing. These hyper-privileged morons actually seemed to imagine that admitting that their walled gardens are rife with rape and paedophilia somehow strengthened their moral superiority.

It?s as if a priest buggered a choirboy in front of the congregation while sermonising his actions as a moral lesson to the sinners in the pews.

The overpaid and overpraised ninnies of Hollywood openly confess to being the moral dregs of humanity, all the while lecturing we hoi polloi just how awful we are. The most hypocritical offenders are the ?MeToo? harridans. Quote:

Along with the obviously deranged actress Rose McGowan, Asia [Argento] became one of the loudest barking poodles in the #MeToo movement, which declared that victims should always be believed and that perpetrators should always be destroyed.

As this movement grew like a tumor, countless women came forward to accuse men of raping them. They did this publicly, mind you. And they all appeared to relish the attention. Why, it was almost as if there was nothing vicious, mean, predatory, or damaging about trying to publicly destroy anyone?At what point does #MeToo become #LookAtMe? End of quote.

Sensible feminists such as Katie Roiphe have long warned that feminists, inspired by man-hating miserablists like Andrea Dworkin, are distorting the meaning of ?rape? beyond all reason. Quote:

As far as I can tell from piecing together the available narratives, both Argento and McGowan claimed that Weinstein ?raped? them because they faked orgasms when he was performing oral sex on them. I am aware of no accusations that he physically restrained them or threatened them in any way. But it appears that part of what has driven #MeToo is to massively expand the definition of rape to include any sexual encounter a woman might later regret?

In Argento?s case, she was apparently so appalled by Weinstein?s shoddy cunnilingual skills that she proceeded to have a sexual relationship with him that lasted four years. Maybe he gives good foot rubs?I don?t know. Or maybe she?ll try to claim that the fact she had to fake an orgasm with him left her so mentally ravaged that she couldn?t help but have sex with him for four more years. End of quote.

But the hypocrisy of the inquisitorial witches of the gynarchy goes far beyond trying to get back at a lousy lay who welched on the casting-couch deal. As it turns out, some of the loudest screechers of ?MeToo? are themselves abusive, child-raping predators. Quote:

[Argento had] a very public romantic relationship with ex-junkie and white-genocide advocate Anthony Bourdain. In the shamelessly sappy photos that Bourdain posted all over social media of himself with Argento, she maintained the same malevolent gleam in her eye while he appeared to be as pussy-whipped as a mouse impaled on a cat?s claw?Three days before the 61-year-old Bourdain hanged himself in a Paris motel room, an Italian magazine published pictures of Argento and 28-year-old French writer Hugo Clement.

?Then on June 8, after by all accounts the couple had ceased to communicate, Argento posted a picture of herself with a T-shirt that read FUCK EVERYONE. She captioned it, ?You know who you are.?

Three hours later, Bourdain killed himself.

It?s quite an accomplishment for someone to make me feel sympathy for Anthony Bourdain. It?s also a testament to Argento?s character that she subsequently posted a photo of herself with a ?Suicidal Tendencies? shirt and the hashtag #stayingalive?Stooping even lower, McGowan claimed that both Argento and Bourdain had both struggled with depression, but she didn?t kill herself because she was strong?and he did because he was weak. End of quote.

Now, reports have emerged that Argento bought the silence of a boy she had known since he was seven, whom she referred to as her ?son?, and who alleges that she raped him. Quote:

Last Sunday, The New York Times published a story alleging that shortly after publicly accusing Weinstein of raping her after he?d sloppily attempted to orally pleasure her, Argento arranged a $380,000 payoff to a male actor who claims she forced herself upon him sexually in a motel room back in May 2013 when he was only two months after his 17th birthday. At the time, Argento was 37.

We?re always supposed to believe the accuser, right? End of quote.

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