We remember, in September, when the Winged Hussars arrived: Part two

There are two parts to this post. Yesterday we looked at the history of the Winged Hussars and part two is how that history relates to us today.

Outside Vienna, there is a Polish Church, complete with Polish Priest. It sits on top the mountain of Kahlenberg. This was the mountain from which the Winged Hussars launched their charge to save Europe. Four years ago I went to a funeral there. This place and this event are so deeply ingrained into the Polish psyche that some people choose to have their memorial service there.

It is not uncommon to see tattoos of a Winged Hussar. I know a number of men who have this. A certain type of person. They have no false macho image. You can get drunk, be an idiot, even insult them and you will be fine, ? but threaten their families or their way of life and you will quickly learn just how hard they are. Unfortunate things will happen, some very very unfortunate things.

But here is the thing, because these men are willing to do whatever it takes to protect their families and way of life, they don?t have to … often. People know just to not try it on.

I will give you one example, but only because it was in the news. Not the people I know, but an example. Last year, a person was stabbed to death outside a Kebab shop. 250 people immediately gathered and thrashed the place. When the Police turned up, the crowd turned on the Police.??

It sent a message. You touch one of us and we will destroy you…and I am not aware of any similar stabbings happening since.

So where are we going with this?

Recently on Whaleoil there was an article by Lushington about African Gangs rioting in Melbourne. The Police gave instructions to residents to stay indoors and lock their doors. The immigrant rioters were chanting ?you can?t touch us?? and no arrests were made.

As soon as you have to cower behind locked doors, your way of life has been lost and so has your culture. Where was the neighbourhood committee sending out an urgent text message? ? hey guys, time for a game of cricket, grab your cricket bats and head over to the park?and let’s sort this out!

It?s that thing again. As long as you are willing to jump off the couch and go play cricket.. you don?t have to.

In the West, we have for a long time now preferred to let the Police and Courts play cricket for us. But clearly, the match-fixing is in. It?s not working.

Okay. I have mashed my metaphors enough, so let?s get back to the original theme. Only YOU can save your culture and way of life. King John III Sobieski was willing to risk his entire Kingdom to save Europe from the Muslim invasion. What are you going to do? It?s time to put your wings on.

This is NOT a call for vigilantism (until the state no longer protects us). This is now the time to get off the couch. It?s not enough to complain here on the Blog. What are you actually going to do?

I know one Whaleoil regular told me he has had enough and was going to run for council.

It?s September. What are YOU going to do? It?s time to put your Wings on.

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