18,000 crosses: They died not for me, not for you, but for all of us

October 21st 2018
The Field of Remembrance at the Auckland Domain.
Photo: Jeff

Thanks so much, Jeff for your wonderful photo, last evening, of the 18,000 crosses in the Field of Remembrance at the Auckland Domain commemorating the one-hundredth anniversary of Armistice Day. It is our intention to visit.

I did some reading relating to this event and I came across this quote from the Auckland Mayor Phil Goff.

We remember the New Zealanders who laid down their lives for their country and their mates, and commit ourselves to learn the lessons of the past and strive to create a more peaceful future. end quote.

I guess that excludes the Vietnam vets which, of course, he chose to spit on. I was getting a little irritated by the hypocrisy of some politicians, but his comment immediately turned my irritation into indignation.

We have to recognise however, none of these casualties of war would have experienced the unimaginable terror suffered by a certain refugee MP. The one who is determined to divide New Zealand through racial, gender, and economic posturing.

Green party list MP Golriz Ghahraman

Remember this – unelected refugee list MP. Those 18,000 NZ citizens died, not for me, not for you, but for all of us. They loved their country and their heritage. They fought for freedom so people like you, could make an ass of themselves without consequence.

It is so much easier pretending to be a war hero than actually being one.

It’s so much easier leaving your post for a Pacific holiday than having your head blown off defending your country.

It is so much easier to mouth divisive rhetoric about your adoptive country on Twitter each day rather than trying to unify your country by service that would cost you your life.

So now, can you see how insignificant you are? 18,000 crosses have provided your freedom, just so you can abuse it, but what really shames me is, I know more about you than any of the fallen. Why? Because you are the only one alive who keeps reminding me, through the media, what a hero you are.


by George