A funeral and a wedding

Funeral wreath

As we stroll through spring with our gardens in bloom, it reminds me of the bouquet Ardern dropped off at the morgue in which the lifeless Labour party was being prepared for burial. Then Peters turned up and delivered a wreath at the wedding of the coalition and the confusion has continued ever since. Yes, miracles occur, Labour was brought back to life but like all living things deprived of oxygen, was discovered to be brain dead. This scenario embraced the ?Special Needs Party?, the Greens, which only added weed to the coalition.

Judith, if ever we needed a rotary hoe through this wasteland, euphemistically called a government, it is now. I know timing is everything in politics and I trust your judgement, but your country needs you. The leadership within National is ineffective and bordering on dysfunctional. You are the commander in waiting. When English resigned as leader, this site overwhelmingly insisted that you be appointed as leader, but your colleagues thought they knew better. Well, they were wrong. Nothing has changed. Your colleagues should never underestimate the collective wisdom of those of us who back you. National has ignored us and as a consequence are floundering in a sea of confusion.

We now repeat, Judith Collins to lead the National Party. Your credentials speak for themselves. The government is getting away with murder. The only casualty is Twyford, and we all know who exposed his ineptitude. What is glaringly obvious is that your pending appointment will be on merit, not tokenism. You trump Ardern on every level. If your colleagues enjoy sitting on the opposition benches, then they should remain with the status quo. If they acknowledge that they got it wrong and elect you as the leader, you will be Prime Minister in 2020.


by George

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