A workplace gender issue

There is an industry where women are being unfairly treated because the workforce is made up with 100% women.

As a result, pay rates are low, and workplace accident rates are very high. You only have to look at the above picture to recognise this.

While in general, a workforce made up 100% of women is the outcome we want, particularly in government and the public service (and on the boards of listed companies as well for that matter), it is not a desirable thing in all industries. It is only desirable in those workplaces where there is significant control over others.

It is time we addressed the gender imbalance in the witchcraft industry.

Mic covers the issue brilliantly: quote.

The public image of witchcraft is of a tradition that embraces women and places them at their centers. After all, the stereotypical image of a witch is of a woman: brewing potions, riding away on her broomstick or simply being?punished?for the crime of refusing to live the way men thought she should.

But something happens to men when something isn’t about them. Used to being put at the center of the conversation they, for lack of a better term, freak out. Witchcraft may be a woman-centric lifestyle, but it still exists in a man-centric world ? which means that sexism is, of course, an issue. end quote.

After all, women have been harping on about gender balance for decades. Now it is time to see some gender balance in industries that are female dominated.

We need more male witches. quote.

At the center of most Wiccan and witch traditions, however, is the balance between masculine and feminine energies, as well as acceptance of the power of women. “To reclaim the word ‘witch’ is to reclaim our right, as women, to be powerful; as men, to know the feminine in the divine,”?wrote?Starhawk, an activist and neo-pagan. end quote.

Another word to be reclaimed. This is starting to become a habit. A good habit, of course.

If we had more male witches, the negative images of witches, in general, might change. Instead of being ugly women with hooked noses, they might be ugly men instead. Although it is not acceptable to mention such things, there is no question that, in general men are more coordinated and are much better in control of a vehicle. That might result in a significant reduction in broomstick accidents, which might reduce ACC claims and levy rates in future years.

This idea is catching on. quote.

In a video titled “Grow grow grow Your Penis the Rise of Male Witchcraft,” one male witch took?to YouTube?to rant about the “oppression of the Penis” in witchcraft. “We were told we need to let the dianics [members of the female-centric Dianic Wicca tradition] have their thing, because it’ll create some sort of balance between the male dominated religions in the world,” he said.? end quote.

But overall, this has not been positive for the witchcraft industry, and an increase in the number of men might improve pay rates.

The problem here is that it is not just a matter of terminology. Nursing is a female dominated industry, but there are at least some male nurses. But male purveyors of witchcraft are known as wizards. Wizards have a much better image than witches and indeed are praised much more often in literature. Wizards are better paid and are given much more respect than witches. Compare Saruman and Gandalf from Lord of the Rings to the witches in Macbeth. Black-clad women cackling ‘Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble’ compared to Gandalf soaring on the back of an eagle to escape the evil clutches of Saruman? No comparison. Wizards win every time. We need to change that.

However, progress is slowly being made to improve the image of the common or garden witch. Take a look at the picture below.

You will see how bringing men into the mix makes such a big difference to the image of witches. This group only has 25% male representatives at present, (possibly slightly higher as the gender of one of those workers is hard to determine) but we hope to get to 50% within two years.

There is one real concern here though. Drink driving statistics are generally overloaded with male offenders. We don’t want too many drink and fly incidents. It could be catastrophic.

However, one other thing men are known for is their technical ingenuity. If we had more male witches, maybe we would see the development of self-drive broomsticks before too long.

Happy Hallowe’en everyone. And remember – don’t text and fly.


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