Academics defend teaching pseudoscience

When some universities introduced accredited degrees in subjects like homeopathy, the great and good of modern culture were outraged. Academics fulminated that it was ?unbecoming of a serious educational institution?.

They were right, of course: homeopathy is unadulterated quackery – unscientific nonsense. ?If universities condone this voodoo and nonsense,? thundered one professor. ?What’s the impression that gives of universities?? When one university abandoned its homeopathy course, it was celebrated as a ?major victory in the battle for the integrity of universities?.

When it comes to fashionably Marxist voodoo and nonsense, though, academics will defend it to the death. Quote:

A prestigious Hungarian university on Tuesday blasted a government decree that prohibits gender studies courses as a ‘major infringement’ on academic freedom.

The decree, signed by Prime Minister Viktor Orban and in force since Saturday, dropped the subject from a list of masters degree programs entitled to official accreditation and financial support.

Institutions are also now barred from launching new courses in the discipline, although students who have already begun courses may complete their studies, according to the decree. End of quote.

Gender studies is as nonsensical and unscientific as voodoo, aura healing or smoking ceremonies. Camille Paglia lamented that it had only got a hold in academia at all because other academics were too afraid of vicious feminist harpies to say anything. The sad truth seems to be that academics are actually defending such fashionable nonsense out of pure ideological tribalism. Quote:

‘This is a major infringement on academic freedom and university autonomy,’ said the Budapest-based Central European University (CEU) in a statement.

‘Eliminating this programme will be a significant loss to the Hungarian scholarly community and for democratically-minded public policy,’ said the CEU, one of only two universities in Hungary that offered gender studies degrees.

The decree is seen by critics as the latest attack by Orban’s right-wing government on both university independence and political opponents of its socially conservative policies. End of quote.

There we get to the heart of it. Academia has been steadily overrun by the left, in its Long March through the Institutions. Overwhelmingly left-leaning, academics will hysterically defend idiocy like gender studies, not because it has any academic value ? it doesn?t ? but because it’s congenial to their ideological prejudices.

Gender studies, like ?Queer Theory? and other pseudo-academic gibberish, is founded on Marxist drivel. On the other hand, Viktor Orban is a wicked conservative, the enemy of the left?s glorious globalist revolution. Naturally, academics choose the side, not the principle. Quote:

Orban’s deputy Zsolt Semjen said later gender studies ‘has no business (being taught) in universities,’ because it is ‘an ideology not a science’.

Labour market demand for gender studies graduates was also ‘close to zero,’ as ‘no-one wants to employ a gender-ologist,’ Semjen said. End of quote.

Well, there?s always The Guardian, the Huffington Post, or even Australia?s own ABC.

Academics can witter all they like about ?freedom? and ?independence?, but the fact remains that university courses are largely funded by taxpayers. Back in 2005, Bill English also criticised ?animal homeopathy? and ?art-based health? courses being funded by public money. Even ?deplorables? have a right to ask that their hard-earned cash isn?t frittered away on quack medicine for budgies.

Finally, just to show that there?s no show without Punch: Quote:

A higher education law placing tough new requirements on foreign universities which passed last year was also seen by critics as targeting the CEU, founded by liberal US billionaire George Soros. End of quote.

It?s almost like playing globalist bingo.