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Today’s review comes from Jelsie

Between summer’s longing and winter’s end

By Leif Persson

“Fall of the Welfare State Trilogy #1.

This novel is about the lead up to the 1986 assassination of Olof Palme, Sweden’s then Prime Minister. The killer has never been identified. The book details the various police departments and the Secret Police overseeing the threats to politicians in general. It showcases the overzealous, the lazy incompetents and the corrupt as well as the honest. Not always the best man gets to head the top departments.



Persson draws attention to the travelling review, where an unpopular and/or incompetent cop gets glowing reviews and references from his cohorts in order that they can get rid of him to other pastures, that their problem moves on though unfortunately, these disasters tend to rise through the ranks not always based on their abilities more due to their liabilities. A known phenomenon but little done to change it. The book also draws attention to the murky underworld of spying during the Cold War.
In 2016 Sweden reopened the investigation into his death”