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Today’s review comes from Jelsie

Driving to Treblinka: A Long Search For A Lost Father

By Diana Wichtel

Wichtel was born in Vancouver to a New Zealand mother and a Polish Jewish father. Her father had jumped from the train as it took Jews from the Warsaw ghetto to Treblinka and he was one of the very few survivors from his family. When Wichtel was 13 her mother took the 3 children back to New Zealand, her father was meant to tidy up some business affairs and follow but never did and died alone a few years later.
This is the story of how, years later, Wichtel puts the pieces of her father’s story back together. It’s also a reminder of how Holocaust survivors were haunted all their lives by guilt and memories of their lost families. Wichtel, being a journalist, injects more into this than just family memories, she also discusses other Holocaust books and psychology studies. The trips into Poland are detailed and helpful to other family researchers.