Bridges caught in a porkie, new audio released by Ross

Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett denied they knew about the revelations from Newsroom, when Blind Freddy and his girlfriend know that they knew. They denied that they raised allegations of sexual harrassment. They also denied they threatened Jami-Lee Ross.

For his part, Jami-Lee Ross said there were four he was confronted with and Newsroom ran their first story with four women. Jami-Lee Ross was right and Paula Bennett and Simon bridges lied.

Jami-Lee Ross said he’d been threatened with there being 15 women. Yesterday he released to NewstalkZB an audio showing that is exactly what Simon Bridges did. Jami-Lee Ross told the truth again, and Simon Bridges lied. Quote:

In an exclusive interview with Newstalk ZB’s Heather du Plessis-Allan, Ross admitted to extra-marital affairs with an MP and a former employee and issued an apology to his wife Lucy Schwaner – days after saying he was “comfortable with what I have with my wife”.

“I owe my wife a huge apology,” he told Newstalk ZB. “I’ve done some things I’m not proud of. I have apologised to her in person and I’m going to continue to apologise to her in person.

“It’s going to be some challenging times ahead. It’s going to be difficult. And I’m extremely sorry for what I’ve done.”

Ross also responded to allegations from four women of intimidating and bullying behaviour, disputing the way the allegations were presented but apologising for the “hurt” he has caused the women.

Referring to being accused of inappropriate behaviour from a married MP and the revelations of the affairs, he said: “A scab has been picked on the parliamentary personal issues. It has long been a case where personal matters are kept private, but the rules of the game have changed.

“There’s a lot of bed-hopping that goes on down in that Parliament. There’s a lot of behaviour that a lot of people would want kept secret and has been kept secret until now. But the way in which we now play politics is that we lift the bed-sheets.”

He said he had a “long-term” relationship with an MP, who the?Herald?has chosen not to name, as well as a brief relationship with a former employee.

Ross also played Newstalk ZB another tape of a conversation between himself and leader Simon Bridges. End quote.

National’s retribution? Another two disgruntled former staff members anonymously whining to Melanie Reid, National preferred smear merchant, a reporter with her own ethical issues.

Paula Bennett’s smear team that has been used so effectively in the past is still operating and smearing despite the impact of the latest smears being tiny when compared with their nuclear option – which failed.

Someone really needs to pull the so-called brains trust aside and tell them to calm the hell down, because going nuclear has failed. They went nasty, now people are likely to get named. Once the naming starts, all support for Bridges and Bennett will evaporate. Once people’s personal lives are at risk, being tough gets hard and not many people can sustain it.

How do I know all this? Because they did it to me. They did it to Todd Barclay and now they are doing it to Jami-lee Ross.

National stupidly thinks they are still as powerful as when they were in government, when threats actually meant something. I laughed when John Key threatened me; I laughed more when Bill English did too. Right now the threats and the leaks won’t be scaring Jami-Lee Ross, they will be emboldening him. They picked a fight with a man who has nothing to lose.

The more National leaks and attacks this man the more his words will come true. They are literally proving what he said on Tuesday morning for him.