Cambridge University votes against Remembrance Sunday

It is a sad fact that those that do not learn the lessons of history are bound to repeat them. In the UK, the country’s brightest young people have just voted against marking Remembrance Sunday, even though 2018 is exactly 100 years since the end of World War 1, because they are afraid that it will ‘glorify’ conflict.

Here’s a hint, snowflakes. Remembering what happened does not glorify war. It simply reminds us that it could happen again.

The consequences of a long peace mean that today’s young people simply do not realise that conflict can break out anywhere and many people do actually believe that another conflict in Europe is not far away. I am one of those people, although this will be a very different conflict, as the enemy has already broken down the wall. This from?The Telegraph:quote.

Cambridge University?s Student Union (CUSU) has voted down a motion to promote Remembrance Sunday amid fears about the ?glorification? of conflict.

But the motion, which was put forward by two members of the university?s Conservative Association, was rejected by students during their first meeting of the new academic year.

The move came after an amendment was voted through, which noted the efforts of various organisations to ?reshape remembrance away from glorification and valorisation of war? and to campaign ?against militarism?.

The amendment, proposed by student activist Stella Swain, struck out references to ?British war veterans?, ?Remembrance Day? and ?Poppies?.

Instead, Ms Swain argued that ?all lives lost and affected by war? should be commemorated and that students should be encouraged to engage in ?productive criticism? of war. end quote.

Yes, but Remembrance Day was all about acknowledging the valour and sacrifice of British soldiers. It has been that way for almost 100 years. Just as we mark the valour of the NZ soldiers every year on ANZAC Day. Aren’t we allowed to do that any more? quote.

She said she wanted to ?reflect the status of the University as an international institution? and argued that it was ?vital that we recognise all different background and don?t just focus on British war veterans?.? end quote.

Cambridge University is a very long established British institution that is enjoyed by British and foreign students alike. Many of its former students will have been in active service in World War 1. It is a disgrace that they cannot be honoured appropriately. quote.

James Palmer, mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, said the motion brings ?great shame? to Cambridge and shows ?disdain? for the armed forces.

He told The Daily Telegraph: ?It is something I find very difficult to comprehend ? that [students] can?t be grateful and respectful of previous generations and their sacrifices.

?It is easy to judge from a distance when you have the luxury of a safe and comfortable democracy. We have an enormous debt to armed forces in this country.?? end quote.

I completely agree with this view. We would not live in the world we do, especially in Western countries, were it not for the sacrifice of our soldiers in both World Wars. quote.

Cambridge University?s Conservative Association said it was ?shocking? that the motion was not passed, as they accused students of seeking to ?erase? the memory of veterans. end quote.

You are bashing your head against a brick wall, guys. The key is the use of the name “Conservative”. The screaming lefties have no appreciation for our way of life. They want to destroy it and to tear it down. They have no realisation that most of them will end up on the screaming heap as well.

It makes me afraid that some of the smartest young people in the world are prepared to ignore history and disrespect the ancestors of so many people, themselves included. Sadly, it seems that being one of the intellectual?elite does not stop you from being stupid at the same time.