Career over for Jami-lee Ross, probably for Simon Bridges too

National MP Jami-Lee Ross.

Jami-Lee Ross has been named as National’s dirty little leaker, and even though he is a friend my position remains the same. He’s finished as a National MP. No caucus member will tolerate him and it is unlikely that he can tough this out. Quote:

National MP Jami-Lee Ross is facing suspension from the party caucus after being blamed for leaking Simon Bridges’ expenses to Newshub.

The investigation into the leak couldn’t definitively identify the leaker, but the evidence strongly pointed to Mr Ross.

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters says Monday’s events don’t look good for Mr Bridges as party leader.

It’s got all the signs, as the Australians say, of a spill going on,” he speculated. “As to when it will happen we don’t know, but it will be sooner rather than later.”?End quote.

There isn’t a spill, or a coup if there was I’d know about it but Winston is right that Simon Bridge’s leadership is done. It is now just a matter of time.?Quote:

When his caucus votes on Mr Ross on Tuesday, they’ll effectively also be casting a vote on their leader.?End quote.

That’s rubbish. The caucus will vote to rinse Jami-Lee because he is a sneaky weasel who caused their privacy to be invaded when he knew all along it was him. That’s the politics. He could have said when Bridges announced his inquiry that he was the leaker and then dropped the recordings he says he has.

If he does have those recordings now is the time to drop them. It will finish off Bridges if they say what Jami-Lee says they say. He may as well drop them because his political career is over, and he may as well take Bridges with him.

Bridges doesn’t believe he has recordings, that much was clear from the meeting yesterday morning. Judith Collins was right when she said: “put up or shut up”.?Quote:

Mr Ross was once an acolyte of Judith Collins, but didn’t support her for the leadership – throwing his weight behind Mr Bridges instead.

Ms Collins says if she was leader, Mr Ross would be gone.

“I wouldn’t put up with the behaviour at all,” she told Newshub. “My point to Jami-Lee Ross is put up or shut up.

Mr Bridges smiled when asked if he thought Mr Ross was working with any other MPs to try stage a coup.

“I will let you draw your own conclusions on that,” was all he would say.

Newshub has now received three leaks from National sources undermining his leadership, starting with the initial expenses in August. End quote.

There is no coup, but there is huge disappointment in Bridges and the way he has handled this. He’s known for months who the leaker was. If I knew then so did Bridges. The way he’s handled this has been weak and he’s had very detailed questions about this put to him by very senior reporters and they know that his answers back then don’t match his answers now.

It is only a matter of time for Bridges, he will never be prime minister.