Celebrate Labour Day by joining a Union

With the rise of Labour?s left-wing unions, the Taxpayers? Union is inviting New Zealanders to celebrate Labour Day by joining a [taxpayers?] union.

Unlike the left, with all the trade-unions, special interest groups, and campaign whiners (all wanting taxpayer handouts), the Taxpayers? Union is one of the very group on the centre right fighting to rebut them.

The business and farming lobby used to do this, but too often they have their hands out for government cash too.

Tax is the largest cost for workers.? The Taxpayers? Union flights for all workers/taxpayers for tax relief and value for money from what governments take.

I?ve been a card carrying member of the Union for years ? you can too, by drawing a line in the sand this Labour Day and?becoming a member of the Taxpayers? Union.