Christchurch oilers: Free ham tasting this Sunday 21st

Oiler Sump at the Quarry, Halswell on Sunday 21 October ? from 1 pm!

This coming weekend there is a good excuse to get out and about.

You are invited to come along to the Halswell Quarry on Kennedy’s Bush Road from 1 pm and try some Whale Meat Christmas Ham and decide for yourself how many you want for Christmas.

Grab yourself a legendary coffee, milkshake or cold drink from Blueburd’s coffee trailer to wash it all down with and have a yarn with other Oilers.

Come along at a time that suits you after 1 pm for free ham tasting ? you don?t even need to give the secret WOBH sign ? just roll up and Blueburd will be pleased to serve you a free tasting of the Whale Meat ham.

There is no such thing as a Free Lunch unless you are at a Whale Meat Company free ham tasting.

The reason it?s a free taste is that many people want to taste before they buy. Your Christmas ham is a big purchase for the holiday season and you deserve something special.

Whale Meat ham is cured and smoked with the Whale Meat Company’s own blend of Kanuka and Manuka chips in the Whale Meat smokehouse and the Whale Meat Company takes pride in its ham making.

Talking of great meat – Why not check out our popular Steak and Bacon Box?

Your Whale Meat is Vegan Free, Halal free and now our ham is free for you to try so come along to the Halswell Quarry on Sunday.

See you there


PS we have plenty of ham ? as we are expecting a crowd from far and wide on Sunday!